10 Gorgeous Pakistani Actresses At Fame

In Pakistan showbiz, new faces come and go. Besides of low standard of Pakistan film industry, it goes on producing good models and actors. Drama industry is fabulous and fashionable to produce iconic drama and loved by the world. Actors are sometimes admired but receive critics as well. The prettiest Pakistani Actresses are here for you to know.

These are ten beautiful Pakistani Actresses of 2017

Maya Ali

She started her career as a VJ but get famous later due to her acting. With her drama, ‘Auun Zara’ she hit the TV screen due to the best chemistry with Osman Khalid. With the excellent response, she acted in various shows, and the two dramas were the same actor. The current project is a movie with Ali Zafar. In a limited time, she gained much popularity due to splendid charm and looks. Among the most beautiful Pakistani Actresses, she is at number 1 in the list.

Syra Shehroz

She was Syra Yousuf then she married to Shehroz Sabzwari and became Syra Shehroz. They have a daughter. She also acted as a model and a VJ. She performed well in many telefilms.  The drama, ‘Mera Naseeb’ she acted excellently in Hum TV.  A Pakistani movie, ‘Chaly they Sath’ she played a starring role. In the age of 29, she acts very lively and smiles too good. She is in the 2nd most beautiful Pakistani actresses.

Sonya Hussain

She is a model, TV actress and a host. Her versatile acting skills and good looks attract others to watch her show. In many dramas, she acted and also worked in Pakistani movies. Wasif Muhammad, to whom she married, is also a model. She ages 25.

Ayesha Khan

She is in TV acting for much time and never seems old. In dramas and movies, she performed good roles. She is always a center of attraction due to good looks and attractive features. Being 34 years now, she worked in commercials also.

Aiza Khan

She is 26 years old and a famous actress of Pakistan. Her dramas are famous, and dressing is classic. She is also a brand ambassador of many products and also a loving mother. Danish Taimoor is her husband, and they have a cute daughter ‘Hoorain.’

Aiman & Minal Khan

Twin sisters are a cuteness package. Both are identical so if we talk about one, means two. They can exchange roles during shooting efficiently. With sharp features, and bubbly stunners they have white skin tone. People know them well even in the 19 years age. No one can tell, who is who, anyways they are among most beautiful Pakistani actresses.

Mahira Khan

She belongs to a Pathan family and Urdu speaking. Her college and o-level study is from California. When enrolled in University, she worked in Rite Aid store as the cashier in Los Angeles, where she also worked as the floor cleaner and shutting shop at night. In 2008, with incomplete studies, she came back to Pakistan and involved in VJ and worked in ‘Bol’ movie. By a drama, ‘Humsafar’ with Fawad Khan, she became a world star because people loved that so much in all over the world. She has won many awards and also performed with Shah Rukh Khan in a movie, ‘Raees.’ She is among highly paid Pakistani Actresses.

Saba Qamar

Her full name is Saba Qamar Zaman and a successful TV actress and model. She has done many movies. Her cute smile and staggering looks made millions of people her fan. The impressive career, she made in a few time is inspirable as she is 33 years old and among highly paid actresses. She received many accolades, such as Hum Awards and Lux Style Awards.

Sanam Baloch

She is 30 years old and acts as a TV presenter due to decency. ‘Dastaan’ was a drama that made her famous, based on the partition of Pakistan and India. She hosts a morning show, and her husband is Abdullah Farhatullah. Among the rest of Pakistani Actresses, she got fame for acting as well as presenting TV Shows.

Mawra Hocane

She changed her surname from Husain to Hocane, in her 7th grade to sound it unique. She and her sister initiated a video jockey on TV and caught the eye of directors. Mawra worked in many dramas and got popular, and acted in an Indian movie, ‘Sanam Teri Qasam’ that went flop. She is 24 and has a long journey to move on. Farhan Saeed, the singer, is her brother in law.

Pakistani Actresses have been in fame and known for their performance in the world. The performance level signifies with the beauty and it is the specific element of Pakistan Showbiz Industry.

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