April 24, 2024
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Life is stressful, busy and hectic, due to performing works, duties and meeting deadlines. We spend most of our time in the workstations, doing necessary stuff and find it difficult to get through social life, hit the gym or go out. This makes us less inclined towards exercise and that in turn, brings stress. We can protect us by identifying the culprits of stress, anxiety and undertake steps to overcome the harmful impacts. One may adopt healthy food habits, in order to go a long way.See here, ten steps for a better living and healthy lifestyle to get a changeKeep Moving & Stay ActiveNo one finds the whole day for exercise, but working actively and moving and walking ensures you a healthy living. Usually, workstations and desks restrict us to run extra. Increasing body movement, adopting simple works, like using stairs instead of elevators, parking car at a distance from parking, walking while talking on mobile and replacing coffee break with a daily walk will serve you better. It will not only change your lifestyle, but also you will live better.
sleep well
sleep well
Sound SleepIn the busy work routine of 12-14 hours, mind engaged in various tasks, e.g., working, reading, traveling, for some social networking or even if it is cooking. Your brain needs relaxation and deserves a better sleep. For a healthy living, there are no hours defined, but if you take the sound sleep of six hours, it is best for your body to rest and tissues to repair. Sleeping at a dark and comfortable place without distraction, such as gadgets and phone, yields you happy and active the whole day long.
CookingDaily domestic chores are a routine, but sometimes it makes us bore. However, cooking at home has tremendous advantages for instance, with the use of fresh ingredients, the nutritious value of food increased and you assure hygienic condition. On the contrary, the food from the restaurant is loaded with unhealthy oil, cream. It is reheated and re-cooked that harms the nutrition of food. For many, cooking may work as a stress rectifier because it is a healthy, creative and reasonable change in your lifestyle.Love Fruits & VegetablesUnderstanding of food that you intake is critical to be healthy. It is essential to get the idea of food and calories you use, as it will be according to your lifestyle and body needs. Increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet are best, for they contain necessary nutrients and minerals, carbohydrate and protein. If these nutrients are overcooked, they may lose their nutritious value. To fulfill bodily functions, you must ensure these minerals, vitamins, and proteins in your diet in a significant amount as compared to starch, fats, and carbohydrates.
tea time
Tea Time
Avoid Skipping BreakfastLosing some pounds and controlling diet needs you to cut your meals. This is not desirable to skip breakfast for achieving this goal. Healthy breakfast is fuel to your body, and it is the way to kick-start the day with full energy. A daily habit of breakfast will control hunger pangs and reduce your engagement to big lunch. It is ideal to take breakfast as it covers good level calories, which less in lunch and least in dinner, you should go for.
Take ample SunlightMany say the sun is life; indeed, all life on earth is possible due to it. Sunlight provides Vitamin D that prevents from heart diseases, cancer, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and boost immunity. Besides all these functions, excess sunlight is harmful, for it causes burning and heat strokes.Stop Alcohol IntakeExcess alcohol dehydrates the body and creates the imbalance. It enhances kidney and related liver disorders. Excess drinking aggravates social irresponsibility and unacceptable circumstances. Limiting use of alcohol may lessen these issues, and you can replace it with sodas and fresh juices.Enhance Water IntakeTaking more water compared to sodas and alcohol is always the best option because the body needs almost 4 liters of water daily. It helps the hydrating body, increases digestion, provides glowing skin and regulates the temperature of a body. It is beneficial to those who want to lose weight for that it burns fat. Always carry a bottle of water wherever you go, since it will make you agile and active. Take 8-10 glass of water. Adopting this lifestyle will change your living being and best health.Regulate your Meal TimingEating right food at the right time will undoubtedly provide you all what body needs. Maintaining a healthy living and balanced lifestyle is crucial. The ideal timing for meals thrice a day requires you to do breakfast at 7-8 am, do lunch between 12:20-2 pm and dinner at 7-9pm.Dinner must take before going to bed at least 3 hours before. It is because ample time is needed to semi-digest the food before asleep. This lifestyle works well for the healthy living. Knowing the best time to eat lunch is crucial to get a healthy body.
relax mind
Relax Mind

Give Time to Yourself

Though it is not possible that you get whole the day free and spend it on yourself, it is necessary that extracting some time for your being. It pours positive impact on your mood; you feel happy and healthy. Walking, playing games, spending time with kids and going out with pet all are significant healthy activities. Spend time with nature to feel live and active.Adopting these practices will bring a positive change in your life. Love healthy lifestyles that can make your personality pleasant with a sense of motivation.
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