June 14, 2024
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15 Amazing Seattle Plant Shops To Consider

Best plant shops in Seattle

For those of you who are plant lovers or old-growth experts, The Seattle area has a variety of plant shops that can help you make your exterior impressive and more excellent than before. There are some fantastic Seattle plant shops available that focus on the benefits and growth of plants. Some of them are here for your help:

Best plant shops in Seattle
Best plant shops in Seattle

The Seattle Seed company
This company is among the Seattle plant stores. It offers you to either bought the potted plant or grow your plant from seed. The site has many options available such as seeds, microgreens and sprouts, plants, and goods. The site explicitly mentions Tillandsia air plants, which comprise 650 species of evergreen plants. The Tillandsia species are mostly epiphytes as well as some of them are aerophytes. The aerophytes or air plants have certain features that grow on desert soil and comprise the root system.
Fringe is once called a Pioneer square homeware plant boutique and an interior design studio. It was mainly recognized for the black-painted walls, unfussy ceramics, and the ongoing styling services. The website includes mostly indoor plants and objects for the home such as blankets, textiles, ceramics, and the interior design studio.
Verde and Co.
A boutique that you can build up by incorporating beautiful flowers in the vast 400 Fairview building. Also, other varieties of plants, such as succulents and air plants, are arranged on shelves and even lying on the floor. They have seasonal plants such as wreaths, bouquets, terrariums, et cetera.
Swanson’s Nursery 
It is one of the most liked nurseries located in the south of Carkeek Park. Some greenhouses have houseplants, dahlias, macramé wall hangings, and clever pots. Moreover, there is a café and a pond as well. Some trees and shrubs are arranged in an organized fashion. To make your garden colourful and full of greenery, the best place to find new plants is here.
Rori Blooms
There are plants named Rori Blooms that have failed cactus ownership, which doesn’t mean that you care less than those residing in the desert. According to Kevin Cooper, succulent life is for everyone, and he was so excited to show off the new imports. Rori blooms plants are rarer and require more nurture to grow themselves.
Nightshade Plants
The nightshade tattoo and plants have become a spiritual fit for the sky-lit hole in the wall, which has become popular during the pandemic. Aleisha Tilson has brought up expertise in the plant side of the operation. Her grandma was a Master Gardener, and both of them have strived hard to look up to botanicals and store setup. This is considered to be one of the most fantastic hallways in Seattle.

Best plant shops in Seattle
Best plant shops in Seattle

Jungle Bean
The jungle bean’s western Avenue storefront speaks to the shop’s tourists that they can bring the plants on the plane, but some locals think they should look for the market, mainly for Kokedama and other plant designs. Pablo, the French bulldog, commands that the floor design should match the windows. Moreover, Kamille Barba is also trying to come up with the idea of renaming. Kubota pays a lot of importance to Barba as how she used plants in the studio apartment in a new country that is far from her home.
Magnolia Garden Center
It is a pleasant-looking shop with different money plants of pearl and Chinese, pots designed colourfully, and an air plant station. Also, a potential stock list has a variety of 20 and strongly favours urban blueberry farming.
Forget me, not plants.
This is an owned shop that mainly focuses on the treatment of plants, how they are cared for, home goods from independent businesses, and some gifts for fans.
Ravenna Gardens
It is a locally-owned garden store with many goods and plants, giant planters, and coffee table books that help you get your shopping done in the Ravenna gardens.
West Seattle Nursery and Garden centre
This centre is large enough to accommodate and allow every plant-related project. The project can be an effective landscape for a friend’s birthday party or a garden plot. There is also a gift shop that consists of houseplants, candles, trinkets, and terrariums. Also, there is an option of free delivery specifically to West Seattle.
Glasswing Greenhouse
The Glasswing Greenhouse has a comfortable and friendly vibe with plants and floral linings on the front windows. It is an olive way which is an offshoot of the Melrose market. See some more ideas about Seattle here.
Indoor Sun shoppe 
Indoor Sun shoppe focuses on finding tropicals that include Dieffenbachia, shelves of succulents, easy-to-care ways for air plants, and hanging plants that change the apartment into an arboretum. However, some experts are friendly and have useful extras to wipe out all the problems and help you care for the plants.
City people’s garden store
The city people’s garden store consists of all the plant-related and garden-related supplies available for every season. A gift shop is also set, having all the Eclectic items and fresh houseplants. Moreover, a large nursery looks excellent with perennials, trees, and shrubs. Apart from this, those who want to grow their food can have organic veggie starts and herbs.
Seattle Plant Daddy
Plant daddy Seattle provides the best quality plants that don’t die or wither off and remain in their actual form even if the customer reaches them. The best thing that they cannot be overlooked is their affordability. They sell rare plants and exotic ones, which stand them out in Seattle. The owners of this plant shop have their start-up contributions that are 30 to 40%, while the other 60% comes from Tropical regions.