About Us

About Us

The theme of THEGLISS is to provide our valued audience top global information, lifestyle, science, design, food, sports, Christmas, fashion, and endless hot trends. We carefully curate events with a well-lit contextualization. In essence, this inevitable world knowledge, relentlessly sifted through my perception entails possible interest of human beings.

Since its inception, THEGLISS is influential for design, style, and for social media culture. With the involvement of every trendier aspect of the world, this platform is original in every aspect of fashion, knowledge, style, and events. The high quality of text on this website is ground for the vast visitors.

Our Values:

The editorial board works coherently on three fundamental values.

Diversity: THEGLISS is diverse, and we are proud of this aspect. Authors write without any boundaries, regardless of age, perception, and gender. THEGLISS loves diversity and welcome diverse culture on board.

Independence: The editorial board aims to present essential posts, what audience needs and what they want us to write. THEGLISS is not dependant on advertisers or banners; instead, it is a visionary approach that prefers passion and compassion.

Transparency: THEGLISS stands for integrity. We provide accurate facts, figures, and global information. The site is meant for its audience, with continuous work, skilled authors; efforts are made to improve the brand thoroughly.

We Welcome Dialogue:

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Do you have a criticism, feedback or any question, or do you need any cooperation? We love ‘just say it approach.’ Contact us via social media platforms, or e-mail us through a contact form.

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