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Amazing Outdoor Dining Spots in Portland

Outdoor Dining Spots

Portland consists of the best outdoor dining spots. Eating food in fresh air or in a nearby park with a calming view of the waterfront gives a different kind of experience. Central Portland is full of aromas of delicious food, and it attracts hungry diners. Some of them are famous for lunch spots while others are for dinner.

Many eateries offer their culturally favourite Italian, Mexican, Korean, and Arabian food. Want to experience unique eating spots in Portland? Then check the website for restaurants near me with outdoor seating and select diner or food street experience with maximum positive reviews and ratings.

Best Seafood Spot

One of the top restaurants in Portland to experience crab and spice is South park Seafood. It has a lovely outdoor seating arrangement. The rating of their food and service is excellent. They serve fresh seafood. Gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly meal options are also available.

Diverse menu offers; baked oysters, clam chowder, manila clams, beet salad, Brussels sprouts, king salmon, and gelato, their specialty. Other than seafood, there is a great bar with a long list of choices.

King Salmon at SouthPark Seafood
King Salmon at SouthPark Seafood

One can have a good time with friends and family at this place. Their dining rooms are big enough to book a large party. Whether you want private space for a special event or a lively function, they can arrange it for you. Visit this restaurant for dinner or lunch and make your food trip memorable.


Mucca Osteria is a small diner with few tables around. A restaurant owner is a chef-Simone Savaiano. All chefs and cooks make delicious food with an artistic touch.

They offer Tuscan and Central Italian cuisine. The chef pays attention to the selection of recipe ingredients. All are fresh and organic. Wine lovers are going to love this place. Their Italian wine menu is 18 pages. A diverse variety for all customers; you just name your choice. Wine tasting is also available here.

Yummy food preparation at Mucca Osteria
Yummy food preparation at Mucca Osteria

Many signature dishes are the speciality of this restaurant. They offer appetizers, the main course, and dessert. This place is the local’s favourite. People love their stir fry scallops, prosciutto, tortellini, sommelier, pork, anniversary food, and panna cotta, and they mention this restaurant to everyone.

South American Cuisine

LeCHON is a restaurant near Willamette River with an outdoor dining option. Family-style serving of food is their tradition. Many Portland hotels, shopping centres, and milestones are near this place. International and local tourists prefer to visit this place. Spicy Argentinian food is their speciality.

The menu consists of burrata, tapas, corn and cheese fritters, grilled octopus, fresh empanadas, forage mushrooms, and salads. If a customer is vegetarian, then the chef can make it happen. Elote, patatas, and salad of fall are vegan special.


From the Butcher stand, sauced BBQ & spirits options are present for meat lovers. Lamb and pork chops, steak, chicken bites, sweet potato puree, and much more. Desserts are also on the menu. The aquarium at the entrance is quite attractive. Restaurant chefs feel pride in serving their customers.

Near Bridges and Floating Boats

Island Café is an American bar and café on Hayden Island, Portland. The restaurant’s first look feels like a paradise. It isn’t easy to search for a seat because of its 5/5 atmosphere.

This place is full of foodies because of its beautiful location and delicious food. The menu is moderate. They offer starters that include; onion petals, hummus, and fiery chicken wings.

Protein salads are superb for diet-conscious people. It consists of; teriyaki chicken salad, lobster, shrimp, and tuna salad. Burgers and sweet dishes are also on the menu. Seafood is their speciality. The pleasant smell of fry fish automatically develops a magnetic effect and causes hunger pangs in hungry stomachs. It’s a must-try place.

Sunset, Food, and View of Mother Nature

Salty’s on the Columbia River has served its customers for 40 years. It’s an expensive eating place that offers lunch, dinner, and late-night food. Outdoor dining is an elegant and cosy deck. Portland locals and food lovers recommend this place to everyone. Eat food outdoors, see the sunset and mountains and feel the fresh air of the Columbia River.

A long list menu consists of the main course, cocktails, breakfast, kid’s meal, and wine. Coconut prawns, crab cake, Smokey steelhead, seafood chowder, salads, burgers, and brunch are customer’s favourites.

Shaking crab cake at a seafood restaurant
Shaking crab cake at a seafood restaurant

Check out their full menu on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the website. Banquet reservations facility is also present for large functions like weddings and golden jubilee celebrations.

Middle East Restaurant

All Mediterranean dishes are available at Lil’Shalom. It’s a Portland gem for Asian food lovers. A tiny little restaurant offers delicious food. Food consists of; falafel in pita bread, hummus, fry chicken, Tarka Rice, Labneh, Turkish coffee, Turkish delight, Baklava, and much more.

Best food for vegetarians and olive lovers. Check out their website for changing menus before going to that place. They add on new dishes too.

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. The menu is moderate. Israeli cuisine is their speciality. The barman doesn’t hold a license for spirits, so simple but innovative cocktails are also available.

Outdoor Gear Lab

Takibi is a Japanese restaurant famous for sushi, black cod with pickled carrots and onions, hambagu patties, and pork belly. Their cocktails are also renowned, like cognac and Japanese Plum. The interior design of the restaurant is eye-catching. They serve to refine food on camping tables. The seating arrangement arouses the town experience.

Japanese Hamburger (hambagu) at Takibi
Japanese Hamburger (hambagu) at Takibi

Rethinking classic recipes and innovating new ones takes a long time. Portland is a hub of culturally different food eateries. All world-famous dishes are available in the outdoor dining spots of Portland. Chefs prepare food with love and take pride in it. For a taste, search upscale restaurants near me on Google and visit the place for unique recipes. Refresh your mood by eating different cuisines and explore these best Outdoor Dining Spots.

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