June 21, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Child Abuse and Neglect

child abuse in the world

Child abuse is the worst phenomenon in our society.

It refers to a situation when children are harmed, i.e., emotionally, physically or sexually. The ill-treatment of kids that may lead to deprivation of their rights is termed as child abuse or child neglect.

It describes relevance of societal behavior and the knowledge about child harassment and its kinds.

child abuse in the world

When a child is harassed psychologically or emotionally, he/she feel a deprivation of social well being. This situation includes a set of events such as ignoring, rejecting, degrading, exploiting or corrupting.

The emotional abuse of the child has been seen in many cities of the world. It spread long-lasting effects on kid’s mind and hampers the brain development.

Social neglect of child through child abuse can hamper the functioning of kids’ brain.

Child abandonment and neglectful supervision are the factors that lead to the child abuse. The elements in society that aggravate harmful conditions for children are ignorance, cruelty and social injustice.

If the justice system of a state is unfair, criminals are free, then the rate of crime would grow. This is significant to understand the kinds of physical abuse. These conditions are beating, burning, throwing, kicking and biting them.

Kids should provide awareness about the wrong intentions of people. They should teach the ways of treatment and behavior with strangers.

Curbing this dark part of the society is only possible with the fair system of justice. If everyone promises to educate their kids, to provide them enough care with active supervision, there is no way that civilized society will grow.

There should be an awareness campaign to educate parents about this evil of the society. The NGOs should accelerate the level of protection and functioning to stop child abuse.