Django Unchained Movie Review

In 2012, Quentin Tarantino directed a film ‘Django Unchained’ with a leading role of Jamie Fox by the idea taken from the movie, ‘Django 1966’. The Weinstein Company worked on it in 2011. Its principal photography took place in Louisiana, California and Wyoming. In the New York city, at Ziegfeld Theatre during 2012, Django Unchained premiered.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained

Django Unchained is an American western film about the slave’s life. Django is the slave who is chained to another bunch of slaves and marched towards the estate of the owner, i.e., Texas.

The owner buys the slave as he was looking for someone and intended to use this slave for the said reason. Bounty hunter, the Schultz offer slave his help to find out his wife but only at the cost if he decides to live with him as a partner.

Django accepted the owner’s offer and became the friend. They later came to know that slave’s wife has been sold in Mississippi. The candy land farm of Calvin Candie was a place of slave’s wife.

The Movie Theme

Django plans with his partner to rescue his wife, but the hurdles are there in the form of cruel Stephan. Later, Candies’ mansion was destroyed by slave, and he got his wife, and they finally reunited.

The inspiration of the movie was ‘Mandingo 1975’ which was about a slave who fights with other slaves. The presentation of snow sections during fight is a huge attraction for the audience. Moreover, the title, ‘Django Unchained’ is the inspiration from the title, ‘Hercules Unchained’ a 1959 Italian movie which was a fantasy.

The movie was exceptional. Five academy awards were presented to the movie while many to the Waltz as a supporting actor. The budget of the movie was $100 million and it earned $425 in worldwide theaters.

The movie was one of the highest grossing releases by the theatre. In the New Orleans, the photography and shooting of the movie finalized. Film editor was Fred Raskin, who won the Best Editing BAFTA award. The famous soundtrack relates borrowing from 1966 and 1974 with a resonance of political allusions that place Django Unchained in the Watergate and Vietnam era, by the time of rise of black cinema power.

Django Unchained is a masterpiece by Tarantino, presenting a sensational sequence among the intriguing characters with personal, financial and pragmatic issues. Django delivered delirious and narcotic pleasure with the help of manipulation of surface.


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