Do You Know About Lake Grande Condo

The latest new launch from condo through MCL Land is the excellent Lake Grande Condo. On the start of the weekend, MCL decided to sell the 636-710 units at Lake Grande.

The average price paid by buyers is $1,368, and the most of the buyers belonged to Singapore, i.e., 17 out of total 20 customers. After the national day, 470 units moved were moved by developed, and the URA record presented a record of 68% sold units on that day.

Facilities at Lake

It is situated in the prime Jurong region of the Lake District, and the complete residential units are 710 in number. It is great, great and facing towards Jurong Lake. It’s located near to the Chinese garden and MRT. It possesses unique facilities that are as follows:

  • Yoga deck
  • Sundeck
  • Tennis court
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor gym
  • Clubhouse
  • Guardhouse
  • Outdoor fitness station
  • Children playground and
  • BBQ areas

Lake Grande condo is best serving the residential units that are capable of providing full family restaurants. They are one studio with five bedroom apartments, sufficiently spacious and well suited to the family needs. Lakeside district is providing great lifestyle direction in full serenity and tranquility. Those who do not want to go beyond the city excitement would find each comfort in its premises.

Lake Grande Condo

Lake Grande Condo

It is the new primary regional center that is located in the west end of about 360 hectares. Jurong Gateway precinct and lakeside precinct are situated in the same place that offers exciting activities related to the JEM, Westgate, Jcube, IMM and big box.

These are the best things to know about the Lake Grande Condo. It possesses the Singapore’s ice skating rink that is considered the first Olympic size area. Furthermore, the facility of best IMAX Theater is a privilege. Another option encompasses many pleasure, dining, shopping and entertainment facilities. Boutique waterfront restaurants and hotels offer the great source of enjoyment to an audience.

Waterfront at Lake Grande Condo

Moreover, 500,000 square meter space for future business offices is approximated plus hospitals facility. These are sufficient attraction options for natives, foreigners, and visitors. They are also related to the strong job creation and other services while catering high future demand for rent, tremendous investment potential, and capital value.

Waterfront at Lake Grande Condo is of extreme significance since it features water activities and great fascination. Kayaking and dragon boating is involving families and kids for fun and adventure. It is near to the school, and good institutes like Ruling Primary School, a Canadian college, and River Valley School enjoy these privileges.

The lake is famous for grandeur, symbolizes class and progressing gradually. It offers an excellent opportunity to all and particularly those who are thinking once to would go again. This development is splendid due to the creative mind and linked to the leading transportation service.


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