July 17, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Facebook is Violating Privacy

facebook and Social media

 Facebook has been fined $5bn due to privacy violations, which is the largest fine in history about privacy violations.  

Today, Facebook and privacy are important to understand. Facebook collects public data and uses it for its advertising, etc. It is an emerging issue these days and has become a controversial issue. Most social media entertainment news is fake; still, people indulge in it.

Facebook is a must today, but is it violating privacy?

The penalty grounds for Facebook stealing private and public data are essential concerns and have many opinions.

There is a Facebook suspension from Cambridge Analytica due to the illegal use of 50 million accounts. There should be privacy safeguards by legislation for social media as people reveal their information.

The penalty can assume the form of high fines charged to the Facebook owner, along with a loss of public faith. Federal Trade Commission could fine Facebook $40,000/violation for one day for violating the protection promises of open data.

The Value of Privacy

Each information is not public; some information we share on Facebook is private, and social media companies should respect the policy and must not disclose or steal that information for their purposes.

If Facebook is not held accountable for such degrading issues, which have degraded politics, democratic parties, and personal data, there would be open theft of public profiles by other social media networks. This is a violation of ethical norms and personal safety. 

This issue is significant for every user because social media websites offer public communication, not for breaching security issues for their own sake. In case of such barriers, people will reduce their use of social media and stop posting their personal information as status updates.

It is essential to care about such matters because they are illegal on ethical grounds and violate the Privacy Act. Also, such actions will become weaponized for political considerations.