June 13, 2024
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Most Fantastic Natural Phenomenon of the World for Visitors


Visual treats worldwide are common, and earth facilitates us for this. Decoration, light shows, and fireworks, all are fantastic. Tourists in thousands number enjoy the firsthand experience of nature’s serenity. For you, a list of fantastic natural phenomenon is here that astound tourists each year and the most amazing event in the world.

Aurora Borealis

These are termed as Northern Lights that are magnificent sumptuous. With a full flow of spectacle, cosmic green, red and yellow rays of the sky make it great to see from the northern regions such as Iceland, Norway, Alaska, and Greenland.


Auroral zone occurs in the band, and Aurora Borealis developed due to linking of highly charged electrons with the solar wind and atmosphere of the earth. Ionosphere, upon entering the electrons, terminates Nitrogen and Oxygen atoms. The striking of the atom concerning altitude defines aurora color that appears fantastic.

Naga Fireballs: Spitting up of Fireballs by Mekong River Every October

You would wonder if by passing through a tropical river, you come across red light balls of egg size. This happens each year in October along Mekong River and known as Naga Fireballs.   Until 2014, this phenomenon went unexplained by science; later it was explored that they formed due to phosphine gas and occurred naturally.


People were unaware of it in ancient times; they said it is Wat Luang Temple found in Phon Phisai. It occurs at the end of moon soon, from late October to early November. Balls rise when Mekong River is full of water and arise from different parts of the water, and at a single spot.

Wisteria Tunnel in Japan

It is also known as flower tunnel. This is impossible to walk in the Wisteria Tunnel in the Kawachi Fuji garden without acknowledging the fairytales and princess. Pastel color road shows a fairytale setting, and that is so mesmerizing, this enchanting tunnel is of bright color due to Japanese Wisteria or Fuji. It is a lovely place to walk.

Wisteria Tunnel in Japan
Wisteria Tunnel in Japan

The wisteria vines are cultivated to a 110-meter long tunnel in two domes and a long trellis with many tennis courts. Pea family belongs to it, and it is a decorative plant and famous for its winding bunches and hanging flowers. People visit it in April to May because, at other time, there would be lifeless branches.

Fajada Butte, USA: The Sun Dagger

Anna Sofaer, in 1977 explored New Mexico in the southwestern USA part to examine the rock art. Chaco Canyon held stone slabs by the cliff and some spiral petroglyphs. This rock arrangement suspected her, and she visited the place throughout the year.


She observed on the summer solstice that a single silver sunlight known as sun dagger confront the large spiral sliced part, down to the center, so cutting that spiral in a cleavage. During the winter solstice, she observed two daggers of light that framed the large spiral. She did not get the idea of this spiral show, but it resembled the appreciation and awareness of sun toward indigenous people in ancient times.

Christmas Migration on Crab Island

crabs on road
crabs on road

To breed and protect from harsh nature of the environment, most species migrate. Christmas Island Red Crabs do the same. These critters go from forest to coast to lay eggs and onset a season of annual migration. This relates to the different moon seasons that impact their timings. Female lays eggs when the tide is high at the last moon quarter.


This migration is a real sensational and fantastic treat, and the island looks like covered with red carpet. It is a great scene and so incredible that thousands of people love to watch it. Force display on the roads and islands close every activity. Even these crabs are protected under law and visitors are not allowed to use vehicles but foot.

The Illuminated Snake: Chichen Itza, Mexico

This happens two times a year, Spring-20 March and Fall-23 September, during the equinoxes. Undulating pattern of light by the sun appear, and a pattern revealing a considerable serpent siding down posture occurs. The angle of sun rays causes this illumination of a snake by the edges of steps under the construction of Itza.

The Illuminated Snake
The Illuminated Snake

Chichen Itza, at it northern platform known as Temple of Kukulkan, termed as ‘El Castillo’ i.e., Maya feathered serpent deity. This design coined to the Mayan Calendar. 91 steps are present on each side, and the top level makes 365 steps, i.e., one for every day in a year.

The Night Queen-Selenicereus Grandiflorus

The night blooming queen Selenicereus Grandiflorus is terrific and mesmerizes people who visit it during its bloom at dark. The nocturnal bloomers belong to cactus family and blossom to a single night and shrivel later.

Selenicereus Grandiflorus
Selenicereus Grandiflorus

Selenicereus has 10 meters height or even more than this. Bud of a flower has a tiny pearl leaves they swell as the day goes on. It opens life, in front of eyes and night filled with a fantastic fragrance like vanilla. The whole night flower stays, waits for pollination before going back to withering.

Green Lake: Underwater Fairy Tale, Austria

In the Snowcapped Karst Austria Mountains, a green lake is a great tour resort, where water is one meter deep. There, an unusual phenomenon occurred due to a melting of snow-covered Hochschwab Mountains turned into a fantastic park. It has footpath and benches that are submerged in the water.

green lake austria
Green Lake Austria

It is a natural beauty and worth seeing. The weather brings changes in it. Lake seems 3-6 feet deep during winters and scenic parkland surrounded is best to explore and for hiking. Spring season cause ice melting and a lake filled up and go to 40 feet deep. It is also an fantastic spot for scuba diving.

Tisza Blooming, Hungary

Serbia and Hungary are close to Tisza River; people like to see mall insects swarm. It is Palingenia longicauda, termed as Tisza Mayfly. It has a strange life and lives as larvae for three years that upon maturing mate. They do so for 3-4 hours and then die. This unique phenomenon attracts thousands of visitors in every June.

Tisza Blooming, Hungary
Tisza Blooming, Hungary

Slumber period over, Tisza mayflies create the new generation and succumb to deaths. After hatching, all the insects come out, mate and do to the nearest town in the form of the cloud. It appears like snowfall in the atmosphere.

Veteran’s Memorial Day

The Veteran celebrates US military services as an official holiday in the US at 11th November.  The exact time 11:11 AM and 11th month by 11th date make everyone fascinate. It is the time at Arizona when sunlight passes the ellipses of five steps to ensure a perfect spotlight at a mosaic in the great seal of America. Monument captures considerable people to watch the phenomenon powered by the orchestra of the sun.

Veteran’s Memorial Day
Veteran’s Memorial Day

In Anthem, Arizona, the Anthem Veterans Memorial designed by Renee Palmer-Jones, who was a resident in Anthem and carry five pillars that represent five US military branches, i.e., Marine, Military-army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard.