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Fifa World cup 2022 Group A

Fifa World Cup 2022 Group A

The Fifa world cup is currently conducting group matches. Fifa World Cup 2022 Group A consist of four teams. Qatar (host nation), Ecuador, Netherlands, and Senegal. Football fever is climbing overhead. Soccer fans are witnessing major upsets like in today’s first match of group C. Saudi Arabia beats Argentina 2-1. Nobody expects this from a weak team. 

Fifa World Cup 2022 Group A squad

In group A world cup 2022, all teams are average. The Netherlands is a favorite, with a world ranking of 8. Then comes Senegal at 18, Ecuador at 44, and Qatar at 50, ranking as the weakest team. Qatar lost its first match with Ecuador (as expected). The Netherlands beats Senegal 2-0.

Now on the match point table, Netherlands and Ecuador secure their spots with 3 points. As a host country, Qatar needs to win one group match to put a smile on its people’s faces. Senegal played well in 2018 and aimed to make goals. But in 2022, they must keep their morale high for upcoming matches.

World Cup Match Schedule of Group A

Nowadays, the 2022 group-stage world cup is happening. More group matches are in the pipeline on the 25th and 29th of November. Qatar versus Senegal and Netherlands versus Ecuador on Friday. Netherlands versus Qatar and Ecuador versus Senegal on Tuesday. On 3rd December, the winning team of Group A with more match points on the table will play a game with group B runners-up. Similarly, on 5th December winning team of group B confronts the group A runner-up. 

There are eight world cup Qatar 2022 groups, each with four teams. In World Cup 2022, group A is the weakest as no team has ever won a world cup. The world is watching football games according to their time zone and witnessing the aftermaths of group matches. Let’s see who wins the trophy, as it’s a mystery.

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