June 24, 2024
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Frozen Treats That Will Help You Stay Cool

Frozen Treats

It is summer already, and June is the hottest month of the year. To beat the heat of summer, there are many effective ways. But the sweetest and most relaxed way is to have frozen treats. Plenty of things are available like popsicles, snow cones, Ice cream, ice tea, cold coffee, and Publix drink mixes. Chillaxing on a hot summer day with these cool treats gives a positive vibe. Quality products always turn the mood on.

Explore some top quality Frozen Treats to make your day Special.

Flavored Tea and Smoothies as Frozen Treats


BOBA boy is a casual, modern counter serving different drinks with unique flavors and crispy Asian snacks. Bubble and milk teas and smoothies are their specialty. Many flavors are served in smoothies, including Boba Cado and banana cocoa smoothies. Slushes are also available in different flavors mango slush, banana kiwi slush, and many more. Most famous and delicious are teas they serve in many flavors with milk or without milk as per choice.

BOBA BOY Frozen Treat

In milk teas, the flavors are cocoa milk tea, matcha milk tea, and red bean milk tea. In fruity teas, there are honey tea, green apple green tea, mango green tea, and lemon green tea. Visiting this place in summer is a good treat on a hot day. BOBA boy has many branches, especially in Toronto, Canada. 

Craft BOBA Tea

Craft BOBA tea is dined in or taken away restaurant. A variety of teas is served here. Teas with unique flavors and creative mixes soothe your cravings. They serve milk tea, fruit tea, brewed tea, float tea, craft tea, and caffeine-free. Snow slushes and desserts are also available. As per taste, different toppings can be included in your tea, like Aloe jelly, Sea salt cream, Tapioca BOBA, Strawberry popping BOBA, and Herbal jelly. These toppings add extra flavor to your tea, and these mixes are a pleasure to taste.

Craft BOBA Tea
Craft BOBA Tea

Bubble tea of Thai cuisines is also very famous in Lakewood. Visiting that place in summer and trying their bubble tea in Lakewood is fantastic. Summers came with such cool drinks

Kiwi Gelato by Gelato 101

Gelato 101

Kiwi gelato is the particular serving of gelato 101. They peel pure kiwis to bake a kiwi gelato. Your sweet tooth can be satisfied with this freshly baked gelato with no preservatives. It tastes so fresh and melted in the mouth in no time. Only organic ingredients are used to maintain quality and health concerns.

Kiwi Gelato by Gelato 101
Kiwi Gelato by Gelato 101

This delightful dessert is worthy of tasting often.

Popsicles Snow Cone

A Popsicle snow cone is made with ice. It has many flavors. It looks so colorful and yummy. Crushing the ice and adding colorful flavors is a lovely sight. It tastes so good. It is most famous among kids and elders also like to have it.

Mint Margarita

Mint margarita is a healthy and cool drink. It is made with crushed ice and mint in it. Lime juice is added to enhance the taste, and a slice of lemon is on top. It is a popular drink nowadays, rich in flavor. Mint is also suitable for health. It keeps a person hydrated and fresh.

Snow Cones

Snow cones are readily available. They came in different flavors. Scoops of different flavors can be added to one cone. It looks colorful and delicious. Different toppings like sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and nuts can also add as per taste.

Frozen Desserts as Frozen Treats

Frozen desserts are most likely in summer. Custards cooked at home with milk, custard powder, and sugar. Then freeze in deep freezers and decorated with jelly and cream. Biscuits can also use in it.

Kheer is an Asian frozen dessert mostly cooked at home. Milk, sugar, and rice are its main ingredients. The ingredients are simple, but the taste is divine.

Brownies with Ice cream

Many ice cream parlors now serve ice cream with brownies. It is a yummy combination that loves to eat different mixes and matches. Especially chocolate lovers found it so delicious.

Milk Shakes

Milkshakes are yummy and fruity drinks. The most common milkshake in summer is a mango milkshake. It tastes so sweet and yummy. Mango, milk, and sugar with ice are added to a blender and blended well until it looks smooth. It is a healthy drink and fills the stomach.

Chocolate shakes are with crushed chocolate biscuits, cream, and chocolate syrup topping of coconut powder increases its taste.

Cold coffee

Cold coffee is a lifeline for coffee lovers in summer. It tastes as good as hot coffee. The flavors can also add in the form of ice creams in it. Coffee mixed with ice cream gives a tasty and relaxed vibe. It is readily available at any nearby ice cream parlor.


Mousse is a soft dessert. It has a bubbly and airy texture to keep it light. Usually, it is creamy and fluffy too, that depends on its ingredients. There are many flavors in it; especially chocolate flavor is common. It is also used in toppings of different foods, mostly cakes and milkshakes. It melts in the mouth just like cotton.

Half Pint Ice cream

Half pint ice cream flavors

Half-pint creamery serves the best half-pint ice creams with tremendous flavors. Ice cream cravings can vanish after having delicious half-pint ice cream from Half Pint Creamery. The flavors include pumpkin cheesecake, cinnamon roll, orange cream, cherry, banana cream pie, and many more.

Half Pint Ice cream
Half Pint Ice cream

You can ask for your favorite toppings on your ice cream. Chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, sprinkles, almonds, and biscuits are available for it.

Frozen yogurt by The Big Chill

The big chill flavors are extraordinaryThey serve frozen yogurts and many fats, dairy, and gluten-free items at their outlet. Fat-free dessert flavors are vanilla classic, peanut butter, honey Greek, chocolate custard, dulce de leche, chill berry, and many more.


Frozen yogurt
Frozen yogurt

In dairy-free products, they serve cookies and cream. Their unique and multiple flavors are famous. These frozen treats are worthy of tasting and enjoying.

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