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Group F Fifa World Cup 2022 will Change the Game

Group F fifa World Cup 2022

The teams of Group F Fifa world cup 2022 comprise Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia. This group is a combination of many star players that are ready to pose a challenge to the opponent team. Belgium is a strong team with a second-world ranking Fifa. They are Red Devils and can easily win all matches of group stages.

Croatia is in 12th place and are dark horses. In 2018, they instantly become the World Cup, favorite team. They can reverse the game situation. Morocco is in 22nd place and Canada is in 41st. Both teams are average and going to tussle hard to reach the round of 16.

Group F Fifa World Cup 2022 Legendary Players

The World Cup draw 2022 group list seems fair. A qualification from Canada after 36 years is at right time. This Fifa World Cup is unique from every point of view. Despite major upsets, many star players are playing for the last time.

Professional players like; Lionel Messi of Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, Luka Modric of Croatia, etc. are going to experience the last World cup of their careers.

Everyone is struggling hard to make a difference.

Bookies Favourite Match

The World Cup Qatar 2022 groups are currently playing their group-stage matches. The decision of two matches of group F shows stunning results. First Morocco and Croatia struggled hard but were unable to make any goal while Belgium beats Canada with 1 goal.

The next two matches are due this Sunday; Belgium versus Morocco and Croatia versus Canada. The last two matches are going to take place on 1st December; Canada versus Morocco and bookies favorite Croatia versus Belgium.

So far in Group F Fifa World Cup 2022, Belgium manages to achieve 3 points on the table. Croatia and Morocco get 1 point after playing a drawing match. Qatar stadiums and climate is new for European countries to play in their style. A team with good fortune is going to wear the winning crown in this World Cup.

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