April 18, 2024
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Importance of Human Resource Management

Importance of Human Resource Management

Human resource legal placements address the scope of employment and workers’ rights.

According to the National Labor Relations Act, employees are under the protection of labor rights compared to unionized employees.

The importance of human resource management is central in all organizations.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Act protects from any discrimination and harassment and protects employees in the workplace or at the hospital.

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are due to race, ethnicity, age, or any other characteristic. Federal labor laws of protection held certain obligations for employees.

Human Resource Management in Hospital

Equal treatment at work needs affirmative action that requires the employer to promote the people from the protection group and make the extra effort for hiring. This is all about the importance of human resource management, which strives for the best functioning of a group.

Rules are different for dismissal and discrimination of people at the workplace.  At AS hospital, the HR department can resolve the issues. An employer is bound to obtain a permit from the employee insurance agency before dismissing an employee.

An employer also needs to ask the employee about termination or settlement contracts. The HR department was responsible for investigating the case by defining the cause of dismissal.

The human resource department follows the employee act of protection for their employees and can rehire them if the situation is in their favor.

The type of union in the hospital is employee union. Hospital unions in nonprofit public health sectors favor employees’ rights and other matters. In AS hospital, employee unions are working on private interests, and they, with the help of voting, dismiss other employees while regional labor relation prevails.

Union activities are attributable to elections, voting, and selecting employees. Due to the strength of unions, different employees find them difficult, and right-to-work law enforcement needs to be correctly followed.

National Labor Relations Act

NLRA applies to all the private employees working in the hospital. It guarantees that employees have an equal right to participate in the union, and they can also bargain with the employer.

In the case of any mistreatment of an employee, NLRA can take action to protect the rights of the affected person. This shows the importance of human resource management in settling issues.

To refrain from any illegal activity by the union, NLRA dismisses them from the job and can punish them accordingly. All the employees work under NLRA and should be familiar with all labor protection laws. An employment attorney can provide an employee draft elaborating on employment policies and lawful interactions.


The hospital must follow the Employment Dismissal Act, The Disability Act, the Employment and Age Discrimination Act, and the Medical and Family Leave Act.

These rights are essential to protect the employees’ rules and their rights. The application of the Civil Rights Acts is crucial to follow by the HR department; they should also incorporate the Equal Opportunity Act and all the actions of NLRA.

Providing employees with a clear understanding of the labor laws and protection acts is the prime responsibility of the HR department.

The scope of authority with hospital management should consider the associated violation acts and deliver the necessary information to all employees.

These sensitive areas are imperative to learn and facilitate employees to achieve smooth performance in the healthcare sector.

It is possible to curb illegal workplace activities by properly implementing labor laws and employee acts.