Latest Boot Trends to follow

In this season, fashion month has brought a new collection of footwear that includes only boots. People always use boots according to the changes in the weather and now are approaching to select their footwear for autumn-winter styling. There are many styles that you should not miss this winter There are some of the 5 most popular boot trends that you might consider styling yourself at the end of 2021 and getting into 2022.

Pointed Toe Boots

The pointed-toe boots are again trending this season as well. These classical pointed toe boots are specially designed for formal occasions and people usually favor wearing these apart from chunky boot or biker style boots. How you style yourself with boots entirely depends on you. You can always make a mixture and match it with the shape, but the best part is the knife toe.


Rain Boots

The rain boots are usually not available but this time, they have arrived with a wide collection. The classic rain boots are won only when the weather faces twist and turns and even can be used during dog walks if you reside other than your city. The prints also vary from gorgeous faux crocs prints to classic brand patterning. Moreover, the boots also transform themselves from heels to flat ones.

rain boots

Knee High Boots

When boot selection is made, better to choose boots that perfectly fit you. This season has knee-high boots in the massive collection while the previous season has calf, ankle, and over the knee in the stock. It gives out your knee-length knit dress a perfectly fine look if you are choosing denim as a contrast in the style. Try to train yourself with these knee-high boots and this will give you an estimate of how much height you want. However, make sure that you are going to choose over the knee if you want to follow the new trend of this season.


Platform Boots

Your eyes are always for chunky boots and you will come searching for them in this season. This year, the only difference that arises is Bottega Veneta which is not the only one dominating the boots market. When considering cleating and statement sole, the only brand you will go to is Bottega Veneta. No matter what your budget is this year, you will come looking for the best boots that match your style. Go for the platform heel boots just like the new Tod’s style boots trending this season or you can even try bulky with contrast colors.


Disco Boots

You all have been seeing the disco boots from your favorite brands and retailers. Some of the styles are so unique that they will give out more celebrations than we have in the previous years. There are different colors available like Silver, blue, black, and pink whatever color you opt for entirely depends on you. This fun footwear will be the best choice for you if you are hanging out with your friends and making a selection of embellished, sparkle, and metallic boots.