Mattel’s Aristotle and Amazon Echo

The specific target market for this product is people who are involved with kids, their care and parents. This high technology is well suitable for nursery and daycare centers.  This is mainly assisted by Qualcomm and Microsoft companies in tech. The use of technology is incorporated in the form of language interaction and intelligence.

This toy is gaining importance in kitchens, living rooms, and dens. The target market will be attracted towards this innovative product because it is the need of people. Those who are engaged in various activities and having busy schedules can get assistance for their kids.

Mainly, busy mothers who do not find enough time to get around can quickly get the benefit of these gadgets. It is also suitable for fathers, people involved in taking care kids at homes and others linked with infants. It can ideally serve kids and parents.

Baby Monitors Wireless High Tech Night Vision Mattel

The amazing product you will get from Amazon. It’s perfect to protect your fridge from hackers due to Wi-Fi router. The voice control Aristotle Mattel hub bundle offers multicolored LED lights, object recognition and a Bluetooth.

I think this product is not quickly fad and has capable of multiple iterations of Aristotle 2.0 and 3.0. It is entirely possible that copycat brands from other companies can enjoy the technology. It is possible that mimic strategies can be employed by other companies in the future because near future, everyone is going on to be more comfort zone.

This product is compatible with other devices such as smartphones, Wink, Philips Hue and ZigBee, so it becomes easier for other companies to use it quick. It is easy to use for kids crying, smoothens down and alerts when a baby is low in diapers.

Aristotle Mattel is using latest technologies, Bing search engine and Cortana voice and cognitive services of Microsoft.

The deep learning and chip placement is responsible for voice recognition display functions and audio features. This technology once will get its peak is likely to get copied by copycats in future, to cope up with increasing demand.

For this device, existed features of audio, sound, video camera and lullaby are excellent. Its notification to smartphone and linkage is best to serve parents and kids. Parent control is good for it and calling feature is perfect. It is providing ease for a number people. Aristotle will incorporate Alexa, as evident from the elements, so it is entirely possible that it can limit the functionality of Alexa.

Further, to make its performance excellent, small buttons can be incorporated, and remote control can be implanted. Use of colorful lights and flash in Mattel is brilliant for kids. Its social integration function is also excellent since it can serve people at various stages. Kids and parents also learn different languages, and those who belong to any region of the world are likely to benefit more.


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