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National Fried Chicken Day Is a Celebration

Best Fried Chicken of Barbecue Inn

Fill in the blank, meat lovers. Today is National what ____? Back off, vegans, it’s national fried Chicken day. 6th July is National Fried Chicken Day, and the celebration continues with an official holiday. People at home makes old and new recipe.

America consists of Best Fried Chicken spots for non-vegetarians. Whether its wings or thighs, all pieces of chicken are tasty—crispy and tender and juicy on the inside. The best way to celebrate this day is to visit the nearest eating spot with friends and family.

Every restaurant has a different recipe because of its seasoning and cooking method. White meat is a healthy protein. Given below are a few options to hear and taste the crunch.

Top Restaurants In Houston

There are many eateries in Houston which make Best Fried Chicken in their unique cultural way:

Al Aseel: this restaurant in Houston provides the best-fried chicken in Palestinian style. They import all herbs from Jerusalem to make this recipe; za’atar, sumac, and oregano. They serve fry chicken pieces on almond rice and salad alongside.

Musakhan chicken is also their famous dish. Their menu also consists of sandwiches, kebab, and desserts, but fry chicken is their specialty.

Scrumptious-looking crispy chicken of Al-Aseel
Scrumptious-looking crispy chicken of Al-Aseel

Izakaya: this eatery serves the best fry chicken in Japanese style. The dish is known as karaage. They make this dish by cutting the chicken meat into strips. The meat is then marinated with light tempura batter. The result is seductive-looking juicy chicken garnished with sesame seeds and fried eggplant. They also offer Korean-style beef wraps, but people mostly order karaage.

Frenchy’s: best fry chicken is available here in Louisiana style. It comprises multiple locations in Houston. The restaurant has been making authentic dishes for 50 years. Chicken is tossed in a mixture of flour and then fried in oil.

They serve the bird with small boudin rolls and buns. The eatery also provides peach cobbler, red beans and rice, spicy creole, and a family box of 24 pieces. It’s a worthy offer.

Himalaya: Americans can find the finest Masala Fried chicken at Himalaya restaurants. They serve whole chicken pieces, marinate it in a mixture of buttermilk, spicy masala, and ginger, coat it with white flour, and then fries till golden color. The garnish with a sprinkle of dhaniya leaves and for sourness squeeze of lemon gives a final touch.

The restaurant’s owner is Pakistani and provides an excellent menu for Americans and Indo-Pak people. Visitors can find more innovative dishes like parantha-Dilla, mutton biryani Bourdain, and Masala Waffles. One can spot the combination of classic American recipes at this spot with an Asian touch.

Max’s restaurant: National Fried Chicken Day comes annually, so bring your friends and family to South Main of Houston to enjoy this Filipino-style chicken. The broast is lip-smacking. Aroma tells all.

They serve it with Worcestershire sauce and banana ketchup. Dig in to taste the crispy skin and meat of fry chicken. There is a chain of restaurants in the Philippines and the Middle East after the big success of offering various other dishes, like; Kare Kare, Laing, Halo-Halo, Crispy Pasta, and passion fruit jellies.

Gus’s Chicken: We fry Chicken better. The world-famous spicy chicken is available at Gus’s restaurant. They create this dish uniquely. Marinating in spicy sauce and after frying in peanut oil, it reaches the customer’s table with white bread and beans.

Sometimes coleslaw and potato salad is the changeover to give a customer different carbs. Coating in white flour, either wet or dry, is not their style. They concentrate on the blazing taste of white meat. Their starters consist of a variety. They also offer desserts.

The Juicy Seafood In Houston 

In the chilling and rainy season, the BBQ aroma spread faster. Smell feels amazing when passing from Crosstimbers street of Houston. Barbecue Inn attracts meat lovers themselves. They serve crusty, Smokey chicken with golden fries and broccoli. Sometimes with white sauce and bread. Juicy Seafood is also their specialty.

Best Fried Chicken of Barbecue Inn
Best Fried Chicken of Barbecue Inn

A celebration becomes twofold when customers get a free drink with meat in a sandwich. Dish Society is the sandwich spot for everyone. Kids love to eat a chicken sandwich. Be aware! They offer spicy ones. The restaurant also offers chicken Caesar salad, chicken, and biscuits with drinks of customer choice.

Speaking of beverages, TV reporters provide updates on Nation’s restaurant news. Some eateries offer free beer, so avail that offers on 6th July. Check on YouTube for the latest news feed.

If chicken wings are your favorite, you can buy America’s best wings from Wing Station. They provide six wings, dip with drinks and chips. One can only enjoy wings too. They also offer onion rings, chicken and corn nuggets, family deals, salads, dips, and soda.

America’s best wings menu is available at Wings 87. Varieties of wings recipes are present on their menu. Buffalo wings, boneless, spicy honey BBQ, honey wings are their specialty, and much more. Only food delivery and takeouts are accessible. They offer yummy burgers, too, with fries. They use Halal meat. Before placing an order, go through the menu available on its website.

Chicken wings Burger at Wings 87
Chicken wings Burger at Wings 87

Unique Fried Chicken Recipes

The celebration takes place all day in Houston eateries. Reserve your table before others. Celebrate your day by eating crispy fry chicken, air fry chicken, roast, wings, thighs, or hot and spicy chicken in cafés or at home. People have open choices. Most prefer to eat at KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, Herfy, and other restaurant chains.

They experiment with unique recipes of fry chicken like pop-shots, chicken doughnut, zinger burger, beef chicken crispy chicken fillet wrapper, simple fry chicken in eggs and black pepper batter, and a half and whole chicken.

Americans’ best wings come with cheese stuffing and ranch dressing. Kebabs are also most favorite with many recipes. With protein, carbs go best.

Like National fried chicken sandwich day, National Fried Chicken Day is famous worldwide. So eat your chicken just how you like it.

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