A Poison Tree by William Blake

A Poison Tree: A self Expression 

The poem A Poison Tree is all about controlling anger and its expression. The poet describes different situations of anger and cases when he came across two people. William Blake in the poem provides that he know how to handle the anger with a friend but it’s difficult to handle with an enemy.

This is in accordance with the conditions. The specific elements in the poem describe the situation in a simple form. The four quatrains of the poem are arranged in a rhyme scheme. The two couplets in every quatrain describe the condition of conflict and how it is handled. In William Blake’s poem, ‘A Poison Tree’, the theme of anger relates to me and my life due to my feelings and expressions of angriness.

Analysis of the Situation

The thesis statement of this poem explains that I have experienced such a situation in my life. According to the meaning of the author, in the opening statement, he was angry with his friend and it was a bad time. He explains that he was experiencing wrath and presumably this anger disappeared when he told this to the friend.

It is a normal situation and I also went through such a situation when once my friend was angry and I felt annoyed all the time, but as I told him about this, my anger turned to normal. The condition described by the poet elaborates on the linkage in life and it can be seen from the rhyme of lines.

This situation works differently when it is applied to any enemy. The enemy cannot be told about the anger. As the poet puts it up that when I did not tell him about my anger, it grew up. This phenomenon of life is quite normal that if a feeling is not elaborated, it increases.

Practical Situation of Life

I experienced a situation in life that when I decided not to talk with the hatred person in my life, the distances grew due to anger. Similarly, the poet talks about keeping something in the bottle and experiencing it later, it would grow intense and big. This situation is explained by the author in the lines of the poem.

Getting angry and feeling annoyed is natural but it varies with different people in life. A poison tree presents a logical reason, the structural elements are important that the poet discuss. Anger is all about the human spirit and it reflects the reasoning of the situation. The tree of poison bears the fury fruit, according to the author.

A poison tree is a beautiful poem that completely reflects the natural feelings. It is clear by the author that when I experience anger with my friend, I just tell him and get relaxed. This works in the opposite way with my enemy and I keep anger within me, as a result, it grows hard and becomes intense.

This situation of life goes along in different cases. It spread like poison in the body and pollutes the human brain and heart by creating feelings of distress, discomfort, and anxiety. Poet has genuinely explained these feelings as his own experience.

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