Who is at risk of the Corona Virus?

Are coronavirus cases rapidly increased across the world? Are you prepared for it? Who is at risk of the coronavirus? Here’s what you need to know.

corona virus

How To Avoid Corona Virus

From central China, a handful infection caused the corona outbreak. Now, it has become a worldwide pandemic, put curfew all over and threatening thousands of health. Currently, more than 222,000 cases are confirmed in about 160 countries. At the same time, more than 9,100 people died, while 84,000 people have received from the diseases.

The evidence suggests that no new cases are reported in Wuhan, China, but Iran and Italy are reporting clusters. The death toll in the US is creeping up, and spread is grasping dozen of states.

How To Prepare For Corona Virus?

Simple precautions that help in a typical flu season will work here. Avoid close contact with sick people. Avoid touching your skin, nose, eyes, and mouth. Cough needs to be covered while social distancing is integral. Clean household items and surfaces that face frequent touch. Wash hands for about 20 seconds.

If you want to know who should use a mask, check with the symptoms of COVID-19.

Who is at risk of Corona Virus or Dying?

People who live in close places, clusters, and flats, where sustained transmission is easy, they are at high risk of corona exposure. Health care workers, who remain close with patients and caring COVID-19 people are also at high risk.

High-risk categories include biologically vulnerable people, or other disease coexist. As a result, immunity level declines.

In Italy, more than 22% population is 65 or older, thus causing high casualties. This rate is higher as compared to 17% in the US, creating hope for less severe illnesses or potential breakout.

Severe disease occurs in people aged more than 60 years, and those are at the highest risk, according to WHO, who exhibit conditions in comorbidity, such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

The median age of coronavirus patients in China is 51 years old, while the majority of cases are found between 30-69 years. The high mortality rate is found in people more than 80 years of age.

A study in China by WHO reported that in kids, the corona virus is rare but 2% cases reported for people under 19 years.

Generally, pregnant women, if they experience corona symptoms, can make them more susceptible to lung infections. In limited cases, an infected mother has transmitted Corona to the fetus.

Age structure, early treatment, or detection can likely reduce the number of fatalities. Studies have shown that the age structure in any country determines the implications of COVID-19.

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