Stages of Team Development

New team takes time when it comes to performing well. Team formation is based on many critical steps that make them focus on achieving a common goal. Team development idea was first given by a psychologist Bruce Tuckman. He described a path by which different teams develop and show their performance. There are four stages of team development.

What are Main Stages of Team Development

Below four stages of team development discussed that provide value of teams, integrity, trust and skills.

Stage 1 Forming

The team formation stage implies that members are unclear about what to do and what will be the mission. They need high learning, have not developed trust among them, unfamiliar with each other, not committed to work and have not established any norms. At this stage, members have no collaboration, and they show strangeness.

Stage 2 Storming

In this stage, control and power issues identified among each other by communication. They express the difference between opinion and ideas. Leadership matters most, and they react towards leadership style by their behavior. This level shows high competition. They display their agenda and push for getting the better position.

Stage 3 Norming

In the 3rd stage of team development, team leader actively reinforces the behavior of the team and supports to bring a positive environment. Individual’s responsibilities and rules are assigned; they listen to each other and set the time for the team. The supportive environment is created, and they honor commitments.

Stage 4 Performing

At this stage, team members feel motivated, and there is no wastage of time. Team operations become active and efficient. A collective objective of team members make them successful, and they achieve big wins. This stage provides the right level of empathy, high support, trust, openness, risk confrontation and superior performance of a team.

Benefits of Team Skills

Stronger team ability provides benefits to the whole organization regarding competency, execution, and trust and enhancing development. These stages of team development are useful for developing a framework that includes success.

stages of team development

Team Development and Its Significance

Successful delivery is possible with the help of these attributes. When team members work to achieve a defined goal, a more defined comprehension comes up.

Performing in teamwork maximizes knowledge of the workplace, and through healthy discussions, new skills development. This brings a collaboration nature that can help to participate in new projects.

Through achieving the complementary strengths, anyone can shine in the organization. Team sharing abilities develop reliability and team commitment. It teaches conflict resolution ability, which is quite helpful in the future. For instance, employees are from different backgrounds and bear different ethnicities.

If there are some conflicts regarding behavior, thinking, and attitude, it is easy to handle well because it provides the proper understanding of conflict resolution.

From the stages of team development, employees resolve such conflicts themselves. It is a specialized skill that can turn employees into the efficient manager.

Web-based Meetings

Teleconferences are no easier. Virtual meetings negate travel. Instead of traveling too far to report management about an issue, virtual meeting allow talking by living in your space. Moreover, virtual meetings are less expensive as compared to face to face due to the exclusion of travel costs. Travelling usually reduces the productivity of employees, while virtual meetings maintain mental attention.

A virtual conference is useful in a way that more people are likely to attend it. It provides everyone an opportunity to participate and share their opinion.

Usually, virtual meetings are a part of the work structure and allow different employees to coordinate on a specific day. The idea of stages of team development provides basics to collaborate.

Participating in web-based meetings is often not up to the mark for three reasons. Firstly, since every employee belongs to a different region, on some occasions, so it is not possible to get together at a specified time of the meeting.

Web-based meetings are entirely different from face to face meetings for many facts. Several complications arise when you have to attend a virtual meeting.

Secondly, communication is improper most of the time due to malfunctions in connection. For employees belong to different regions, the time zone is different than cause main trouble. It is not possible for everyone to present at the same time.

Connection issues do not occur in face to face meeting. There is no such preparation in web-based meetings that is compulsory in face to face meetings. The use of the microphone in session often causes trouble because not everyone is listening to what you are saying. Thirdly, some critical issues are not important in virtual meetings.

For instance, disciplinary actions, grievances, and one to one sessions are best to conduct by face to face. Such issues deal in serious and difficult decisions. Some meetings need demonstration, brainstorming, and presentation, which is not possible in a virtual session so a conference call will not work.


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