April 13, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Mental Health Tattoos are Empowering Symbols

Positive affirmations, such as ‘love,’ ‘self-love,’ and ‘breathe,’ have become popular choices for individuals marking milestones in their mental health journeys. People often select mental health tattoo designs that inspire bravery, such as lion faces, or creatures they fear, like snakes or spiders, as a reminder to confront their fears. Some individuals also choose to […]

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Relationship Between Food And Culture

Culture and food selection are interrelated. The relationship between food and culture can be easily understood from the concept of gender equality. Women do more domestic work than men, but in 1990, this trend changed. Now, men participate in household chores, which is considered an attempt to reduce gender inequality. Women cook, clean, shop for […]

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