June 24, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Ethical Behavior in Business

Ethical behavior in business leads to professionalism. Its counterpart is a sort of discrimination that with the use of leadership style and personal power. Among many ways of behaving unethical, two are nepotism and favoritism. Favoritism tends to disqualify a deserved person and higher score is rewarded to non-deserving person. Usually, personal power and designation […]

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Hobbes and Rousseau Social Contract and Education

Everyone knows about Rousseau’s social contract. The comparison of the viewpoints presented by Hobbes and Rousseau depicts they both support education. Also, their ideologies are applicable in the current world settings. Thomas Hobbes was a political philosopher and thinker who presented his concerns about the importance of education. Hobbes expresses the reasons for attaining knowledge […]

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