June 24, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

‘Trial By Spin’ by Australian Cricket Team in World Cup 2021

Trial By Spin


Australia has already lost to England, and they will have a trial by spin against Bangladesh. Their only hope is to win the match with Bangladesh after suffering a huge loss from England due to their net run rate. The assistant coach, Andrew McDonald, is still on the verge of hope that their team will defeat Bangladesh and the West Indies. In the recent series of 4-1 defeats to Bangladesh, the Australians become confident, although the five of their seven specialist batters still haven’t toured Bangladesh.

In the recent series, Nasum Ahmed and Shakib Al-Hasan took about 15 wickets, but Shakib faced hamstring injuries that have lost him to Bangladesh for the rest of the tournament. Also, the conditions in Dubai will remain the same, just like Australia faced sticky spinning tracks in Bangladesh. After Australians collapsed during the match with England, they have learned quite an ample amount of lessons. They now understand how to put their batting first and not let the opposing team go for the batting even after winning the toss. Due to this, the teams that have played in Dubai got the successes.

The coach, McDonald, still believed that even if their team had won the toss, that would have no impact on Australia’s other two matches, which were to be played in the daytime. Even in the Australian camp, the major debate only concerns team selection and structure. When Australia fought a match with Sri Lanka and South Africa, it only chose seven batters and four ballers and won twice. While against England, they chose six batters and five ballers. However, they sidelined one of their players named Ashton Agar, who they thought could not match with England’s top order team. When Glen Maxwell went for 16 in his powerful against Sri Lanka, they sent their one spinner, Mitch Marsh, the all-rounder. Another player named Marcus Stoinis also bowled and gave up to 35 runs in three overs. On the other hand, Australia still attained the victory easily with Aaron Finch, who cleverly positioned Mitchell Starc’s overs due to his all-rounder techniques.

During the match with England, Australia lost all the wickets in the power play and brutally exposed their carelessness. At the same time, Maxwell was forced to do batting against the new ball. The game got out of hands and soon got over when Australia lost four wickets in 2 runs. Even during the match with Bangladesh, Australia did work to structure their side against their opponent. Whether it’s about any country, if they have lost the match due to their weakness at some sides, then they will become the center of all the discussions and debates. It will be better not to miss out on anything because that seems unfortunate on the player’s part. Australian cricketers will try their best to come on the right track, choose the right teams, and continue to choose the right players during their match.