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What to Do in Washington State in July

What to Do in Washington State in July

What should you do in Washington State in July? There are lots of festivals and events. Could you check the Seattle, Washington, time zone if you are not from the US, and select your favorite occasions of July?

People want to walk out of the house and need to enjoy summer events this year. A pandemic cannot keep us inside forever. It’s time to attend amazing weekends, praise Mother Nature, and dance your pounds off. Take a breath of clean air and participate in fiestas.

“Some of your best ideas come when you’re on vacation.” Here is the list of a few festivals,

Harvesting and Making Good Use of Lavender  

At Sequim Washington Real Estate, people have been celebrating the Lavender Festival since 1997. After two years of the pandemic, the Sequim Lavender Festival is back in July. The aromatic flower of this plant spreads miles away and attracts locals and tourists from all over the world.

 The Festival offers educational trips, flower picking, a demo of plant uses, oil distillation, and soap making. Visitors can enjoy lavender lattes, ice cream, and more at Sequim Real Estate.

Lavender Festival at Sequim WA Real Estate
Lavender Festival at Sequim WA Real Estate

Visitors can grab a basket at the festival and pick strawberries and blueberries from the nearest farm. So Exciting! Besides that, other activities like barn dances at night and street fairs. The balanced view of lavender plants is fantastic. Scent can make you fall asleep. You can buy oil for a humidifier. Do take photos and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

Berries festival

You are Berry special” is one of the famous garden puns about berries. In the middle of July, Northwest of Lynden organizes the Raspberry Festival. The event is for every age fellow. Basketball tournament, jam toppings for bread, a food court offering delicious recipes, kid’s food, BBQ Salmon dinner, raspberry ice cream, wine tasting, a street market, pancake breakfast with berries syrup, and much more.

Come and experience the tangy taste of raspberries. Raspberries, a unique summer fruit full of anti-oxidants, come every year from Whatcom County’s meadows, so a celebration is a must. Visitors can also enjoy music at the festival by various artists. Do visit.

Another berries festival is ready to amaze people in the same month. At Vashon, WA, a long line of vendor booths and shops will serve customers various things and food in the middle of July at the Strawberry Festival. Live concerts and beverage gardens are also at the festival. One can eat and drink strawberries in the form of smoothies, juice, cakes, jams, jellies, syrup, beer, and wine.

what to do in Washington in July
Strawberry Puns

The local Chamber of Vashon Island organizes this event every year. They love to follow their tradition of inducing fun, art, music, kids’ activities, parades, and community assemblages on weekends. Volunteers are all welcome to make this event a visitor favorite.

Check their website for a complete schedule of the Strawberry Festival.

All in One Outdoor Music Festival 

What time in Washington State does Timber offer a one-on-one event? In July. Live music, a list of adventures, food, and beverages are present.

Firstly, let’s get information about different tournaments. A squad race is a five thousand kilometers race between two groups.

Wake up early to join the race and finish it before the opposing team. Grab your size of demo shoe and yoga mat and start your workout in North Meadow at your preferred time from early morning till noon.

HIIT workout takes place in the sun. REI Run and Fitness Village offers Hoka Wake for morning walk lovers.

The population of bats is quite significant here. They come out from their caves in the evening, fly in the sky, and amaze tourists. REI also offers yoga classes by excellent trainers.

Hiking and painting activities are also available. Few adventurous activities are costly, like paddle boarding and tree climbing. Star gazing activity of Timber is free. Listen to music and enjoy delicious food from various shops and food trucks.

Calming Therapies on Weekends 

Attending weekend meditation sessions is the best way to free the mind from a hectic schedule. Check the time zone in Seattle, WA, for therapy in Gorge. Yoga Shala offers various asanas with experts at different times. The euphoria effect, yin-yang, Acro yoga, flow state, and self-care rituals benefit keen people.

Other than group therapies, there are campgrounds for other marvelous activities. Check the schedule online. Book your shuttle at Gorge and experience community association by attending a ping pong tournament, eating burgers from a food truck, and enjoying live music away from the campsite.

Yoga in a Flow State

The Gorge team behind this event aims for sustainable production. Their commitment to adopting environment-friendly practices is admirable. Decreasing the consumption of fossil fuels and reducing the use of plastic (like water bottles and fizzy drink cans) can increase the positive influence of this event.

Burger patties are made from healthy farm animals, and recycling tons of beer bottles, and cans have been the best green move by the event organizers for many years.

Volunteers are always welcome to join the mission of climate machine programs and help conserve nature.

Spending a good time at the weekend and attending different events all of July is a great experience. Make your summer blowout, as there is an extensive list of other festivals.

Please don’t hesitate to ask: What to Do in Washington State in July. No matter how much time quarantine takes. Lively people know how to celebrate their free time with friends, family, and alone.

What to do in Washington State in July is talked about. Wear your mask at all events and maintain social precautionary measures distancing. COVID virus is still in the air.

Make your safety the priority. If you are a foreigner, check Washington’s time zone and plan to visit your favorite place. Take relief from the scorching heat of summer. Make good use of vacations because we all dream of being far away.

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