May 17, 2024
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What’s so Uncertain about Joe Bidens Visit to Seattle

Biden visit to Seattle

President Joe Biden makes a two-day visit to Portland and Seattle to focus government capitalization on the substructure and tackle climate emergencies and low drug costs. He gives a dramatic appearance with a speedy detour lounge at both places. He does not stop for Joe’s donuts and is not a fan of Eo sushi. Still, whenever they officially visit Portland and Seattle during their presidency, most American presidents make a food stop to eat burgers (like Barack Obama) and Japanese sushi (like Donald Trump).

Joe Bidens Visit to Seattle is so uncertain, according to The Seattle Times. President makes his first appearance in Portland after an election. The primary purpose of his visit is to observe the improvements in an infrastructure project and with a determination to restore the nation’s roads, airports, bridges, and railways.

Joe Bidens Visit to Seattle and Portland 

On Thursday afternoon (21st April), he greets Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon, at 142nd Fighter Base in Portland. Joe Biden attends an evening of radical fundraising event, and Microsoft President Brad Smith hosts it on Lake Washington. Biden will deliver a speech about the re-election in November this year.

He highlights winning two more senate seats in the midterm election in Portland. Still, he shares sparky distress about the COVID-19 pandemic and price increases that lead to low opinion poll numbers for his party after the Elections as the House of Representatives is already losing control. This visit to donors of big-tech titans was predictable. He visited this place in late 2019, too. President Biden wants to modernize the airport of Oregon and claims that they need to revamp the economic development of Portland.

In November, Biden signed a bill focusing on providing purified water and high-speed internet and improving the mass transit system. He also highlights that Oregon expects to build an earthquake-proof runway and all airport escalators in a working position.

The potentiality of 400 bridges and 1300 miles of highway from the bill money is $4.5B. President further adds that all lead and water service lines that run in schools and homes will be swapped for new ones to supply clean water; with this, President also announces the provision of broadband connection in Oregon so that Union technicians use high-speed internet for their jobs.

A journey to Seattle

A broader network of charges for electric vehicles is a giant step in using renewable energy. According to Biden, it is time to act now for the changing climate. Reducing pollution and upgrading the nation’s energy grid will work and allow us to fight against future pandemics and temperature changes. 

Biden departs Portland and makes his journey to Seattle. He makes a quick detour. Air Force One lands at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Thursday, when Joe Bidens visit to Seattle, Washington, on Friday to throw some light on Earth’s Day. President’s Biden motorcade enters Seward Park. He arrives at 11 a.m. and gives a speech on the present climate-changing issue. On his way to the Park, he notices many protestors holding posters about saving the Earth.

A Fossil-free Future

The main slogans of the posters are: There is no planet B, stop salmon extinction, and demand a fossil-free future. He strengthens his concerns about protecting the nation’s old forests by signing an executive order on the 22nd of April. He addresses this by showing commitment to a better future with purified air, water, and a healthy community. President Biden delivers remarks to combat climate emergencies by investing in renewable energy and climate resilience. Biden also wants Congress to act upon his signed executive orders.

Restoring the national forests is crucial as they are affected most by drought, blight, and wildfires. Many precious species of plants and animals get extinct in natural disasters; without trees Earth’s temperature will rise yearly, which leads to the melting of glaciers and the chance of flooding.

Biden wants to execute eco-friendly legislation and emphasize that all forests of federal lands, including National Park Services, Bureau of Land Management, and Forest Service, need to recognize threats to older vegetation. So maintenance policies are necessary for this. Seattle faces the worst air pollution from ships’ exhausts, and these carbon emissions are dangerous for the green belt. Biden’s willingness to fight global warming is a good sign. And the world’s leaders need to follow in his footsteps as the world’s climate is changing fast with the addition of 0.5 degrees every year now. 

Preserving Old Trees

Biden makes the next stop at Green River College after signing legislation on his desk about preserving old trees. President walks on stage and delivers a speech about reducing prescription drugs and medical costs for American families. The College students and teachers all get excited to see the president and listen to his speech in the Student Union’s Grand Hall. Biden also met several people from the college community and gave his remarks in the Mel Lind Bloom student union.

He also praises the college’s conduct of career and technical programs. He adds that college is essential in developing the workforce for the state and region, especially the nursing program.

Biden ultimately put his trust in the young generation of college students. He adds that they are why he is hopeful for the future of America. He also praises Patty Murray and Jay Inslee. 

Joe Bidens visit to Seattle is less than 24 hours in Washington. He does not make a pit stop at any restaurant like other presidents have done in the past, like in sushi. Auburn, WA, is a famous place nearby. The famous quote of Shakespeare’s Mother Knows you weareth her drapes fits well with him. He spends a little time in both places. After completing his trips, he returns to Portland with a motorcade that closes the traffic for a short time.