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People prefer live in a place where they experience peace, calmness and satisfaction, along with complete facilities of life. Living in Utah is somewhat a similar experience that will leave you in surprise. Here are 10 reasons why you should prefer living in Utah.

10 Reasons to Consider

# 1. Permanent HousingUtah is among few states that provide permanent housing along with the support services to the Americans. The chronic homelessness declined by 91 percent due to Utah’s efforts of supporting homeless. When in other states, people lack survival opportunities; Utah provides a replacement to the people searching for homes and jobs.
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You Need Permanent Residence
Homelessness remains one of the crucial issues in many states of America. The facts reveals that the rate of homelessness increased by 0.7 percent in America indicating 553,742 people were without shelters in 2017.The conditions of poor are devastating as they are unable to find proper housing. The issue has adverse impacts on the middle-class and people of lower strata. People having no permanent residence option in other states prefer to live in Utah.# 2. Increased Demand For WorkersIn Utah the demand for workers is high indicating that the problem is not lack of jobs. The unemployment rate dropped to 3.1 percent that is the lowest in America. The state experienced eight years of steady growth due to continuous improvements in the economy.# 3. High WagesIncreased wages is another factor that encourage Americans to move to Utah. The multinational companies raised income of workers consistently for the last ten years.One of the leading companies, Roofers Supply raised the salary of workers by 10 percent in 2017. Each worker was paid $17.50 per hour in the beginning of the year. The director of the company mentions that they need more workers due to increased demand and growing economy.New York’s “Fight for $15” starting 2012 presents a perfect picture of struggling labor. The employees of the fast food companies protested and demanded wages of $15 per hour. Irrespective of their efforts the UK Berkeley Center of Labor states that most of the workers do not receive more than $10 per hour. Considering the wage differences, citizens are most likely to switch to live in Utah.# 4. Stable EconomyThe growth in economy put the companies in better positions allowing them to increase investments. Stable economic conditions of the state have direct impacts on the employment.Increase production of goods and expansion of industry encourage companies to hire more workers. Increased demand in labor acts in favor of the workers as it increases their bargaining power permitting them to take high wages. Therefore, economy fosters workers to live in Utah.# 5. Low Cost of LivingThe cost of living is relatively low in Utah, becoming another element of attraction for Americans. Improved employment opportunities and high wages reduced the cost of living in Utah.
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Cost of Living
The cost of renting comfortable one-bedroom is $27.29 in New York whole it is $22.98 in Los Angeles. The people belonging to middle and lower-income groups lack financial capacity to afford them. The people earning low wages have to face high costs in purchasing household grocery and other necessities. Moving to Utah allow Americans to improve cut their cost of living as it offers affordable housing to the people.#6. Education for kidsUtah is also favorable for the people who want to give better education to their children. Utah is among the prominent states having high literacy rate. The schools are capable of providing quality education to the children.The state has well equipped universities and colleges that allow students to study the courses of their interest. University of Utah and Westminster College are among the high ranked educational institutions of the world.# 7. Improved Standards of LivingPeople having motivation of improved standards of living prefer to live in Utah. The low cost of living, affordable housing, employment and high wages allow Americans to improve their living standards.
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Improved Life style
Future is quite insecure in other states of America due to rising unemployment and increased competition. The job industry is highly saturated in major states including New York, Washington, New Jersey and Los Angeles. The survival opportunities for the people are limited in these places that provoke them to find alternatives.# 8.  Beauty of the Salt Lake CityBeauty of Utah is among the prominent factors that attract people from other parts of United States. The mountains, landscapes and Salt Lake City add to the adventurous outlook of the place. The city offers exciting public spaces, trails and entertainment opportunities to the people. Salt Lake City is less inhibited that offers better living opportunities to the people.
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Beauty of Salt Lake City
People loving natural scenes are more likely to more to the state as it surrounded with the mountains and lakes. The Salt Lake City is one of the most liked placed among Americans. It allows people waking up with the glimpse of colorful sunrise, showcasing nature and elegance. The Wasatch mountain range remains one of the most watched places due to its amazingness.Starting day with awesome view allow people to spend whole day in excitement. Homes on the east side of the city are more desirable. Living in southern Utah is even more exciting due to the presence of mars-like red rock landscapes. Combining majestic mountains with the sunset depicts the reasoning of why people want to live in Utah.The colorful morning sunrises adds to the joy and gratitude of the people. The place is perfect for the people craving for adventurous life. The costs of travelling are also low for residents of Utah as they do not need to travel for longer. Exciting spots are available on driveway and few minutes distance.# 9. Reduced Depression and AnxietyUtah saves people from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. The surveys conducted by the health organizations reveal that stress is one of the crucial issues youth experiences in America. The factors that promote depression and stress include high cost of living, low opportunities of growth, unemployment, homelessness and dissatisfaction.Many states in United States are unable to provide adequate living opportunities to the youth that result in their depressed states. Those who live in Utah experience reduced stress.# 10. Low Crime RatesLow crime rates are among many factors that motivate people to make a living in Utah. When most of the American states deprive common people of security due to increased crimes, Utah is the only one to offer security. The downtown and streets in Utah are clean that do not present the picture of crack war between blacks and police or street murders. People who are in search of peace and crime-less life must choose Utah.
live in Utah
Lower Crime Rate
The Salt Lake City, Highland, North Ogden, Santa Clara and Clinton are among the safest cities. The crime rates in these places are very low compared to the insecure and high profile criminal states of America.
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