Privacy Policy


We are THEGLISS group and a private enterprise, based on news, extensive information, gossips, latest trends, and style.  This Privacy Policy intends to describe the privacy practices for THEGLISS, our services, e-mails, and newsletters.

This Privacy & Cookie Policy discloses how we use your personal information, how we collect and use it.

What Information do we collect?

  1. a) The information containing your name and email address
  2. b) The information that does not identify you, e.g., your way of browsing website

How We Use This Information?

Your collected information may help us to:

  1. a) Remember your last visit our website and your journey through cookies.
  2. b) Identify your interests and formulate our segments on its basis. This helps us to serve you in better way, e.g., offers and advertisement for you
  3. c) Make sure that information we provided for you is administered accurately
  4. d) Contact you via e-mail, phone or text message or through social media contact to help you stay updated with our new products or information
  5. e) Make sure the website or app material is efficiently displayed on your computer or mobile
  6. f) Monitor the use of site and collect numeric internet address
  7. g) Identify the purpose of hotspots and to access user’s feedback

How We Collect Information?

In many ways, we gather information, for instance,

  1. Directly, when you visit website, contact us, download mobile application, sign up or buy a subscription
  2. Indirectly, when you browse our site on your mobile device or else
  3. Social media online presence helps us to register you quickly through your social media accounts.

User-Generated Content:

THEGLISS offers public posts and material of interest to an audience. User register, comment, view, rate or recommend any item, which collects their information. We can use information that you present this way for promotional or commercial use.


Upon visiting different websites, you got cookies, e.g., small information stored in your computer. Cookies use means, the inclusion of technologies.

Three kinds of cookies, we use, i.e., Analytics Cookies, Service Cookies and Third Party Cookies. Analytics cookies remember your computer or mobile device anonymously. They track browsing patterns and create the profile of readers. This information is helpful to generate advertisement as per your interest. Service cookies allow our website to function smoothly. They learn your login details, registration details, preferences, and page views. Third Party Cookies are analytics and advertising cookies that are on behalf of our advertisers. They are present on a website and located anonymous. They provide statistical analysis of advertisement, its view or click and help advertiser tailoring what you need.

Third party organizations have no access to our cookies, and we have no access to Third Party Cookies because they have their privacy policies.