June 14, 2024
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Color Line and the Slavery


The color line usually is segregation and used to represent the term racism. It is about the concept of black African, and this was intended to abolish the slavery. The article, Color Line by Frederick Douglass presented in 1881 and published in North American Review. It relates the critical concept of first slaves; brought to America by the white colonist of Jamestown in 1619. These blacks belonged to the Spanish colonies, Portuguese and South America. Importation of slaves was carried out mainly to get work for them as they were helpless and homeless.


Somehow, blacks did not accept the lot and rebellion arise. There were documentation and letters according to the slavery and situation prevailed at that time.

On June 24, 1720, a letter in London to Mr. Boone and all was about a wicked plan to destroy the white. The letter from Petersburg in 1792 was about the revolution of Negros in Virginia; slaves were punished and hanged up for their rebellion and protests.

The third message was from Richmond in 1793 that also was about the color and the guns. It is about the preparation of guns and powder and strike preparation.

The slavery petition for freedom in 1773 was for many slaves and the human benefit that is for all human beings. This and many other slave petitions are for the favor of slaves and to stop any cruelty for all are human beings. This is for the enslave fellowmen who were serving yet got harsh rewards. It further elaborates that the revolutionary army required more forces and slaves were mistreated to force the military.

It relates the freedom as a reward, and they were often betrayed. Those who fought for revolution, in spite of many petitions have struggled much for the privilege but often in veined. Color line has inherent meaning.

Impoverished desperation was turned into the profit-making in England by the captains of a ship and the merchants. They were indentured servants, and they had to work for to cover the cost of passage. There died many of plague and illness. They had to suffer for the seventeenth and eighteenth century later they became free, and some went as small landowners while others as working class but color line persisted. They were also wandering as tenants and found miserable life in America.

color line

In the historical terms, many indentured servitude letters for parents and grandmothers. The fully explained situation that was repressing the miserable life, adverse circumstances, and maltreatment and slavery conditions were prevalent.

Nathanial Bacon initiated a rebellion in Virginia and allowed frontierspeople and servants to join. The main reason behind frontierspersons to participate that they considered they were not secure from Indian’s attack.

This grievance also reflected the thought that they were not seeking proper attention.

It is for the oppress fellowmen who were serving yet got brutal prizes. It additionally expounds that the progressive armed force required more powers and slaves dealt with severely to drive into the military. When identified with the flexibility as a reward, and they were frequently double-crossed. The individuals who battled for transformation, despite many petitions have fought much for the flexibility however frequently in veined.

Poor edginess transformed into benefit making in England by the chiefs of a ship and the dealers. They were contracted hirelings, and they needed to work for to take care of the expense of section. There passed on some torment and ailment as a symbol of color line. They are necessary to languish over a seventeenth and eighteenth century later they turned out to be free, and some went as little landowners while others as regular workers. They were additionally meandering as inhabitants and discovered hopeless life in America.