September 25, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Homelessness at Global Level

Homelessness is a global issue

Homelessness is a common issue at a global level. Masses are suffering from it yet no proper remedy is sorted out by officials. In the New York Post, ‘Subway Riders’ same issue is discussed that motivated me to choose it to contribute some knowledge. In an article written by Rosner, Parker, and Golding, mental illness is described as an attribute prevailed in homeless people.

It is hurtful to know that many homeless people are overwhelmed with their condition that they start doing foolish acts which disturb riders. This kind of actions is dangerous for human beings and their lives.

In this article, different people have shared their experience about homeless people and their plight. It is clear that this feeling make homeless people depressed and they got into psychosis. According to a physician Marlene, homeless people come across yelling and hallucination. They need help for improving mental health.

Homelessness is a global issue

Due to homeless people wander around railway track and roadside, commuters have to face issues. Such people are unable to maintain their hygiene. They are increasingly suffering mental and physical health issues. Homelessness living is illegal in most of the cities.

The issues, they face, make them vulnerable and unable to stand back on their feet. This comes with many other living issues such as income insecurity, health insecurity and lack of basic needs. In this article, De Blasio is the Mayor of a city was shown lashing out at people for the homelessness masses taking over the public places.

The situation is not secure for commuters and can cause severe troubles. This aspect of society is dark, and authorities should focus on curbing it.