May 17, 2024
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Cultural Anthropology in the Society

Cultural anthropology

Cultural anthropology is important !

Enculturation is a process in which culture is transferred from one generation to another.

It has been prevalent since ancient times, and its essence is to connect all kind of human beings. This kind of social interaction among society is helpful for people to acquire new culture and learn different things.

Cultural anthropology influences people and gender due to its possessive role. Enculturation is a process through which infants become able to know about their culture.

The cultural values bear a stronger position for the boundary line that exists between male and females. Practices and behavior are attributable to culture.

Cultural Anthropology & Society

The universal division of labor is about sex because of male and female play different role in carrying out their responsibilities. The exchange process in human society is based on anthropology and provides the basis for mutual dependencies. It also defines economic specialization concerning women role in the economy.

The ethnic difference in male and female roles includes significance that how a person can involve and contribute to society. For example, a universal division of labor suggests that gathering and hunting societies have contributed in labor division through subsistence contribution to gathering activities.

The sexual division of labor focuses that burden of child care, childbearing is on women, and she contributes to society by physical strength.

Gender roles under cultural anthropology are not static in different economies, and they are continually varying in different economies, for instance in America. The main reason behind changing part is education, technology and awareness.

People are well aware of their values, and rights and they focus on committing their performances. Different research studies mentioned that men are good at controlling manageable and politically while women are good at producing.

This way society takes out the unusual position of dynamic state with the changed labor division that highlights the importance of both genders.