Effects of Video Games on Human Behavior

The effects of a different kind of video games on human behavior are huge. These factors are being used to raise arguments on analyzing the impact.  Video games are primarily a tool for entertainment, especially for children. However, the video games of today are not only supporting as the tool of entertainment for the children instead it is also resulting in changing the mindset of people including young and adults.

video games effect on children

Do You Think Are There Any Effects of Video Games!

“Video games heavily affect the brains of individuals and change their behavior by affecting their mind, but the technologically advanced video games are resulting in aggression in human behavior.”

The effect of video games can be positive or negative regarding the nature of video games. The psychology of children is, different from the adults and the children are the early adaptor of different things. In this way, they have the significant influence on the impacts of video games.

However, the video games also affect the mindset of the adults and change their behavior. In this way, my position is that the video games profoundly impact the mindset and the behavior as well. In my opinion, the effects of video games and violent video games of today are more aggressive.

Violent Video Games

Violent video games make the people hypersensitive and decrease the self-control among them. Hypersensitivity is the losing self-control about some substances and physical activities. The studies presented that the violent video games made nowadays are resulting in increased self-control problems for the children.

There is very less number of psychological traits which remains stable as the children grow to adulthood. So, the activities of the children play significant roles in changing the attitudes of the children. The video games are one of those activities. It is clear that the children playing the violent games are prone to lose self-control. The reason is that the children till teen ages are the early adaptor of the things going around them.


Violent Video Games Can Harm

The counter-argument presents that the health day news that the behavior of the children is not affected by playing the violent games. Many authors state that the children playing games on a daily basis are less likely to be hyperactive. They are not prone to go into fights as well as there is no change in the behavior of the children.

According to Andrew Przybylski, “all observed behaviors were very small in magnitude, suggesting only a minor relationship at best and that games do not have as large an impact as some parents and practitioners worry.”

The violent video games are presenting some the wrong attitudes and making the children and adults unfit for their future purposes. For example, the Grand theft auto video game has the attributes which shows the players can steal the cars, kill others and make other crimes to reach a destination.

In the end, the player gets the reward for committing these wrongful acts. This affects the mindset of the children in a negative way. They cannot make the right decision that what is right and what is wrong. Hence, children tend to consider the crazy things as right and try to implement these scenarios in real life situations.

Positive Effects of Video Games

Counter-argument states that effects of video games maybe positive.  By some studies, it is obvious that these kinds of games result in encouraging the children to learn the habits of reaching towards the destiny by fighting with the problems faced in achieving that future.


Video Games & Brain

The players show learning the patterns of controlling their anger and get lesser hyper activeness. As a result, the children mentally prepared for fighting the difficulties which they are going to deal with in their life. So, the effects of video games are not negative on the mindset of the children.

In the research studies have shown that the adults and teen that were playing the violent games with higher rates were more likely to cheat, deceive and game tactics in their life. The reason is that the intense games were having the tactics of misleading others and provide different ways to steal and kill others.

In this regard, they were having less sense of right and wrong. It is clear that “Individuals who regularly played more than an hour a day of any game were more likely to deceive than their non-playing peers to fight with or bully peers and were rated as better behaved by their teachers.”

Aggressive Behavior due to Video Games

The violent video game players are more likely to represent the extreme characters. In this way, if the game is a first individual shooter, players have the same visual viewpoint as the executioner. If the game is the third individual, the player controls the activities of the rough character from a more removed visible point of view. In a bad TV program, viewers won’t relate to a terrible character. Individuals will probably carry on forcefully themselves when they refer to a brutal nature.

However, the counter-argument by the researchers is that the people watching the aggressive programs on the television were more prone to have violent characteristics as compared to the teenagers playing the violent video games. In this way, the T.V shows are more prone to have negative impacts on the mental health of children.

effects of video games

Video Games are Responsible for Aggressive Behavior

These violent games are not good for the mindset of the children. Therefore, the aggression and poor characteristics are due to the violent games.

On the other hand, there are some games which have the positive impact on the mindset of the game players. These games involve mind activity games. The studies present that the mental activity games have always been impacting positively on the mentality of the players. These games make children more intelligent as they have to solve the critical problems using their minds.

In addition to this, the children playing games struggle hard to win the games and focus on finding different ways for winning the game. This increases the mind usage and encourages the activeness of mind among the children and adults playing the games.

If the children learn to reach success goals by playing for achieving the destiny, then they takes it not in a human way, they learn to reach their goals even if they have to take the wrong approach for it. This decreases the honesty and integrity of the children, and their minds are developed only to reach the destination. The right, wrong, reliability, and integrity are just the words for them.


The effects of video games are destroying the future of young generation by making them aggressive and unfit for reaching their goals. It is clear that the children playing the violent games are prone to lose self-control. The reason is that the children till teen ages are the early adaptor of the things going around them.

They cannot make the right decision that what is right and what is wrong. In this way, the children tend to consider the wrong things as right and try to implement these scenarios in real life situations. These violent games are not good for the mindset of the children. Therefore, the aggression and poor characteristics are caused by the violent games.

The children of the day losing their qualities of being faithful and identifying the fake personalities. If this situation is going to be consistent in the future, it is expected that there will be no truth in the world. All the moral characteristics will diminish, and then we will reach to an era in which everyone will be finding the ways to deceive others.

In this way, it is a need that the video games should present in a way that they do not ruin the future of the generation instead they make them competitive for their future goals and achieve success by being trustworthy and less aggressive.

The effects of video games today are more destructive not productive.


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