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A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

Christmas is associated with good news. Mass of Christ all around the world want to end and start their new year happily. People want to experience new levels of their life and embrace their glory. This religious festival teaches us to tolerate and respect each other. Giving gifts, eating food together, decorating houses and streets with lights, and wearing warm clothes remind us about good and simple life.

Jesus brings light into this world and spreads God’s message to sinners. When people send a gift to their precious ones, they use Christmas tags, stickers, and small cards with different messages and wishes like; a wish to be a Christmas tree, have a very merry Christmas, best gift ever, and is it Christmas yet?

People like these messages, and now it’s become a trend to use song lyrics too. Christmas celebrations keep on changing. During the pandemic, the outdoors was closed, but this year enthusiasm is increasing.

Is it Christmas yet?

No, but less than two months left in a big day of Christians. All around the world, the mass of Christ will celebrate Christmas according to their time zones.

How to make a Christmas tree in little Alchemy?

Little alchemy is a fun game. It consists of four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. One can combine essential elements to form different objects. It is appropriate for the 6-12 age group. This game allows children to experiment with elements, mix them and create various products—for instance, acid rain forms from the combination of rain and smoke.

Similarly, it’s easy to make a Christmas tree with little alchemy. There are thirteen steps to follow; first, make lava by mixing fire and earth, then make stone by combining lava and air; mix stone and fire to make metal, next combine air and fire to produce energy, afterward, make electricity, then wind, next sand, then glass, combine glass and electricity to make a light bulb.

This is the first element of the Christmas tree. Continue with the combination, make rain, plant, time, and the tree, then combine a light bulb with a tree to make a Christmas tree. That is how one can make a Christmas tree in a little alchemy game.

Realistically it’s more fun to bring a Christmas tree into the house and decorate it with colorful bubbles. Traditional ways are more practical to enjoy the Christmas moments rightly.

A Thousand Christmas Wishes

It’s a tradition to buy Christmas gifts for friends and family members. A thousand Christmas wishes is a perfume of the brand Bath & Body works. It combines natural ingredients; sweet elderberries, pomegranate, sugared wood, and star jasmine. It’s a nice pickup with a reasonable price of $12. This fine fragrance mist is available on Amazon. The perfume smells like crystal peonies. The fragrance is not long-lasting.

Products of Bath & Body brand
Products of Bath & Body brand

A similar brand consists of body moisturizers too with the same name. The body lotion consists of shea butter and Vitamin E. A thousand Christmas wishes fruity smell is an iconic collection of personal care and has become popular among women near Christmas time.

The new collection of this celebratory fragrance also includes; sparkling body scrub, ultra shea body cream, and shower gel. All products range from $12-$ 16 and are available online for global customers. 

Gift tags

It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Gifts on the occasion of Christmas make the spirit bright. Traditionally people buy cards with gifts and write down the receiver and sender’s name along with a short poem, jokes, and stanza. Nowadays, e-card is very trendy.

People love to send e-wishes of Christmas by mail and messengers. Wrapping a gift in beautiful and dazzling paper is valuable to most teenagers and children. Gift tags are becoming quite popular. Do not open until Christmas Tumblr is quite a famous one. Tags add elegance to gifts. 

The message creates so much curiosity that one cannot wait to rip it open. Many tags lettering is also attractive, like; no peeking, do not open until 25 Dec, Merry Christmas, believe in the magic of Christmas, a wish to be a Christmas tree, holly jolly, and spread Christmas cheer

Do not open until Christmas tumblr post
Do not open until Christmas tumblr post

Many gift tags are colorful and straightforward in that one can write the sender’s and receiver’s names.

Famous Songs 

Judy Garland sings this famous Christmas song in a movie (1944). ‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas’ is a soft melodious song and is equal to a warm hug. The music enlightens hope, good memories of the past with friends, and faith in the upcoming days. Judy sings this song for her younger sister in Meet me in St Louis. Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane are the writers of the music. 

Have a very merry Christmas is another famous melody. This song explains the importance of joyous Christmas and spreading it everywhere. This festive song is all about sharing happiness with neighbors and friends.

Decorating a house with a peace tree, hanging warm stockings with a surprise gift, and talking about the messenger of God is all about Christmas. 

Back in the 20th century, people used this line to greet each other. This familiar line becomes a song of wishing people Merry Christmas. It is also a phrase. 

Everyone wants this world to be a better place. A wish to be a Christmas tree is a prayer of everyone who wants to spend eternal life free of tension. This holy event teaches us to be true to family and show care in need.

In the past, religious Christians celebrate Christmas traditionally. But nowadays, many people associate this day with an elf, Santa Claus, storybooks, famous movie characters, carols, and hymns. Christmas seems more secular at the end of December.

People like to go shopping with discounts, eat various food, listen to music, greet each other by saying have a very merry Christmas and watch movies. Christmas celebration is about to start with a hope of an end to the pandemic.

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