Best Smartphones in the World You Should Know

In our daily life, the smart phone plays an integral role. We used to spend more time on our smartphone as compared to any other thing but the important is how to find the superphone that is unique as well. With the ten smartest and different smartphones, you are going to help yourself in this case and definitely would get one of our choices.

 Best Smartphones For You:

Yotaphone 1 / 2

The supreme dual display makes it one of the different smartphones in the world. Its full 5-inch primary display is on the front while a secondary screen is 4.7 inch on its back. Under the hood, it has snapdragon of 801 and doomed a powerful  and one of the best smartphones.

Dior Reverie

The one luxurious phone costs $116,000 is the most expensive category of smartphones. Its full LCD touch screen is made up of 18-karat white gold; pure natural mother pearl’s 46 pieces and 1539 diamonds. A unique smartphone of the world is so expensive that only a few like to spend this considerable money on the phone.

Galaxy S6/S7 Edge

The innovative Edge series by Samsung is the best smartphone, with unique features and slim appearance. They shocked the world with this innovation and falsified the concept of never creating a unique design. S7 and S6 are more or less similar with variable features and awarded as one of the best smartphones of the world.

Nanex-Mini Android Phone

Enthusiasts love this smartphone, as its name indicates, it is the mini phone. It has the 2.45-inch display screen, filled with the dust and water resistant capabilities; it is the smartest phone in the world. The certification for water resistance is IP53, Android 4.0 ICS with 1 GHz processor makes it is the tiniest smartphone, though it is not an up to date phone but a unique one.

Blackberry Passport

If you love technology and want to stay update yourself, choose blackberry passport phone. It is a unique smartphone with updated technology, though it looks odd, yet a powerful phone. It has the 4.5-inch display, with a beautiful QWERTY keyboard on it. Further specifications are Snapdragon processor 801, protection of Gorilla Glass 3, 3 GB Ram, 3450 MAH battery power and 13 MP camera.

Enjoy the advanced aspects of this device that is one of the unique and among best smartphones.

No.1 x6800

A weird looking mobile phone, it is classical in features, i.e., IP68 water resistant certification, 6800 MAH Battery power, shock resistance power and also dust protection.

Though it is the bulkiest smartphone, it makes sense for this. If you are wandering for a rugged smartphone, you are at the right place because it contains the massive battery.

Cat S60

The thermal camera is the super feature in this smartphone; also it is the most durable phone in the world because it has the unbeatable drop to a concrete resistance of about 1.8 m-MIL-STD-810G certifications for rain, humidity, dust, salt, vibration, transport, solar radiation and thermal shock. The water resistance, it possesses is of IP 68. The Snapdragon 617 among 32 GB Memory, 3 GB Ram, and powerful 3800 MAH battery, makes it the different phone in the world.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

A full deal of surprise by Chinese giant, Xiaomi Mi Mix is a phone by a copy company, and its MIUI is a complete inspiration of IOS. With undeniable innovation, it is 91% screen to body ratio and a giant display of 6.4-inch display. This stunning property has a bezel-less design.

This is a dream phone for the astonishing price of $500. Worth to spend phone is beautiful outside and a beast inside because it is loaded with 6 GB ram, 821 snapdragons, and 256GB internal memory.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

One might think upon looking at this phone, that it is not a unique one and resembles other Z series by Sony. It has the 4K display, and this feature makes it unique among the rest. 5.5-inch display (2160 x 3840) with more than 800 per inch pixels makes it an only smartphone. The 4K display feature of its very own kind makes it include in the high-end best smartphones.

This phone also offers you VR feature, if you are searching for it. Its cardboard headset of Google with Z5 Premium outshines the HTC live experience and other costly VR headsets.

LG G Flex ½

As the name indicates, it is not a flexible phone but the first phone with a curved appearance. The company expected it to rise as a revolution, though it didn’t appear so, yet included in a smartphone.

It possesses a self-healing back panel, i.e., healing from scratches and is the best property of a curved phone. The Snapdragon 810 in LG G Flex 2 makes it a compelling and in the best smartphones.


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