Borderline Personality Disorder DSM 5

Psychiatric behavior is due to many reasons such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, mental illness, and a bad self-image. These symptoms are most familiar with Borderline Personality Disorder.

It is called spontaneous reaction, and its leading cause is the disruption in relationships.

Patients with borderline personality disorder DSM 5 experience depression, intense anger episode and anxiety that last for two hours to some days.

The victims of this disorder have to face changed opinion frequently, and this improved mood is the leading cause of unstable relationships. This emotional sensitivity is involved genetically. Therefore, it is the main role of a biological factor that influences such people.

Due to intense emotions, the victim has to suffer for a long time. Heritable trait or impulse control is a challenge for such patients to control.

Patients, who live with Borderline Personality Disorder imagine abandonment and experience cutoff communications.

Unstable relation with loved ones and family turned into devaluation and anger. This is the main reason for the personal distorted image.

Environmental Factors

Moreover, environmental factors contribute also. In the case of Maria, she has experienced abruptly broken relations. This state has made her a victim of Borderline Personality Disorder, and she feels that everyone dislikes her.

Historically, this disease is termed as challenging to treat.

With recent advancement and evidence-based meditation, people with this disease can have fewer symptoms than before.

Specialized treatments are helpful to reduce emotional sensitivity. Individuals are living with Borderline Personality Disorder, have been seen an increased inclination to self-harm.

This damaging behavior occurred frequently and often converted into suicidal behavior.

Maria had experienced a massive level of anxiety and depression when she came to know that her boyfriend will not marry her. Pressed circumstances made her feel bad and presented a situation of self-damage.

Such behavior causes substance abuse, dangerous behavior, late night walk and attempts to suicide. The recurring feelings of suicidal thoughts are highly personality damaging and intense.

Prognosis with Borderline Personality Disorder DSM 5

Prognosis for the individual living with Borderline Personality Disorder DSM 5 is different. These days the famous treatment is psychotherapy. In the group setting, one on one activities is conducted that help patients develop social skills.

It is the way they get to know how to build trust and express it. In this way, the therapist forms a bond with the patient.

Medication is another way to get rid of symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. The medication option is usually suitable to reduce the suicidal behavior of the patient. Every patient needs intensive care, and it also depends on the severity of symptoms.

The method of outpatient treatment takes time, and studies suggest that individuals go through this kind of treatment do not exhibit Borderline Personality Disorder DSM 5 characteristics.

The clinical expressions of depression and anxiety are common in these individuals.

Borderline Personality Disorder DSM 5 is seen increasingly in adolescents as a developmental disorder. Research findings suggest that treatment can reduce the duration of illness as well as chronicity.

According to research findings, it is evident that this disease is associated with low socioeconomic status, despite the same level of intelligence, individual experience its symptoms.

Individuals with this disorder tend to experience multiple personalities and unable to have long-lasting happiness. They always try to be perfect, so become the victim of depression.

In a cynical mood, such patients try to disengage attention, so they experience attentional maintenance.


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