September 27, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Martin Luther King Jr-a Transformational Leader

Martin Luther King Jr

Every organization needs the transformational leader.

One who can thrive, survive and help an organization to move through difficult times.

Leaders take initiatives to lead organization in a sustainable direction. This may have a strong influence on employees’ morale, boosting productivity and building confidence in them.

Leaders can shape or derail the organization, and they can find changes to leverage necessary transformations.

The leader is capable of directing the organization by motivating employees and exploiting individual as well as collective talent.

Leaders spend time on interacting with suppliers, vendors, clients, employees, and co-workers. This helps to bring potential benefits up front.

Vision of King Martin Luther King Jr

The notable example of leaders who transformed leadership is Martin Luther King Jr-a strong activist. He was American Baptist minister.

He had a visionary approach and was specific about different things that play a central role in directing people.

To have a strong passion, leader provides examples from his own experiences and same is true for King Martin Luther King Jr.

King floated a vision to speak and never afraid of others. He empowered people by standing with their beliefs and ignited them.

King was a leader who led a change and built confidence in people.

His famous quote is,

“The ultimate scale of a leader is to stand at times of controversy and challenges.”

To develop three characteristics in employees, King Martin Luther King Jr believed in self-discipline.

First, one can recognize how a difference can be made by leadership. Second, demonstrating your vision through your leadership is critical to bring a change.

Thirdly, the messages, he had given strong lessons to people to awake and get motivation for change.

The teachings provided by King Martin, as a preacher, had educated people.

 The contributions of king transformed the style of leadership, and people became aware of being confident and got learning experiences.