July 17, 2024
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How Trump and Lincoln Differ in Leadership

Trump and Lincoln

When any nation covers political, social, and internal hazards, the public feels the support of progressive management. Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth and most popular president of the U.S. Trump and Lincoln are two of American history’s most well-known and controversial presidents. They are often compared for their leadership styles and impact on the country.

Leadership Skills & Capabilities of Trump and Lincoln

  • Lincoln had remarkable conversational skills and a strong faith in principles.
  • He strictly followed his principles. Lincoln has radiant leadership for all leaders of the U.S., and he believed that if you want to win a man, you must win his heart for your purpose.
  • Lincoln was modest and tender for such persons who tried to harm him. He did not underestimate any person.
  • He declared that he was the president of the whole nation. Lincoln was selected in 1860 when the entire country was suffering from bondage.
  • Every loyal and responsible president of the U.S. follows his leadership.

Lincoln always adopted an appeasing tone to understand his view of others. When the Southern kingdoms succeeded, Lincoln brought out slavery.

Trump wants favorable and complimentary coverage for his presidency. Thus, older advisors establish a lawyer broadcasting such data, which presents a pleasant atmosphere for the president. If anyone does not obey, they must bear ten years in jail or until his death.

Trump wants to use every person’s job for his benefit; it may concern the media or other national affairs.

To comprehend Trump’s flattering policy, his journalistic outlets cover up his coronavirus struggle.

Similarities in Both Leaders

There are some similarities between Trump and Lincoln. Both faced the aggressive attitude of the press and the nation.

  • In the town hall, Donald Trump admitted that the behavior of the journalists toward Trump was worse than that of Lincoln. He also mentions a hateful response of the press toward him.
  • All journalists believe nobody is treated worse than Abraham. Trump proved that he is facing the offensive and aggressive behavior of the press.
  • Following Trump’s quotes, the past shows Lincoln’s exemplary reaction in front of his competitors.
  • Both presidents are impartial and republicans. The elections would not be controversial and can’t be associated with Lincoln’s time.
  • Two weeks before the elections, it was declared that the South part would be the house of white men who have pride in their class.
  • In the case of Lincoln’s selection, it will not be admired. This behavior did not show the political instability that Abraham was pulled into by the journalists and proved the opposition of Southerner mortals.

After three days, Lincoln was successful in the elections. But a hateful action followed to break away from him. Several southern kingdoms decided to join this agenda.

Trump and Lincoln

Thus, a hatred strategy started to punish Lincoln by killing him.

Conversational Conference

To prove their hate, the Southern society decided to kill Lincoln before his oath for the president. But Lincoln declared in his opening speech that we are not enemies. We are a nation and must be friends of each other.

Mick Mulvane, a chief of staff equal to Trump, operates a conversational conference. where Trump made a phone call with the president of Ukraine after Trump established a campaign in Texas. This provided a platform for Trump’s leadership.

Trump appeared in this campaign by expressing his happiness to join Texas. He inaugurated a new Louis Vuitton plant. He collects power and commences attacks on his adversaries. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Beto O’Rourke are listed As insane, double-dealers, and tongue-tied persons. Trump proves this campaign in opposition to communists, democrats, and globalists.

Donald Trump declared that liberal Democrats wish to ruin the U.S., and I am awarded it. He threatened the opponents not to resist him; otherwise, they would be responsible for the consequences.

Trump won by winning Texas, whereas the great leader of the U.S. Lincoln, could not do so in his period. Lincoln could not have gotten any votes from Texas.

Critical Differences in Both Leaders

Although there is a quite difference in their time of rule, both presidents Trump and Lincoln have some similarities.

  • Lincoln and Trump are two presidents who faced war in half of the country during their presidency.
  • Both are selected by-elections concerning the black vote. Lincoln and Trump were Republicans and beat democracy.
  • Lincoln was hurt and depressed, but Trump faced bitter and sour things.
  • Both directly and indirectly related to wrestling, Lincoln was a familiar wrestler, and Trump also had different wireline business projects.
  • Lincoln usually uses wigs to maintain his beauty with stylish hair. Both presidents have fabled hair. Once, a moneyed officer offered Lincoln a precious hairbrush, but he accepted this gift by saying that if he refused to, it would be useless for him. It’s better if your horse uses this hairbrush.
  • Both presidents are overweight.
  • Lincoln moved a Slovenian supermodel by neglecting Mary.
  •  Presidents are famous for their historical quotes; according to Lincoln, he spent his life facingthe other hand, Trump said that nobody could perform a better job than storms, and on he did.
  • Lincoln was a transformational leader, whereas Trump is an aggressive president. Trump faced a pandemic disease named coronavirus in which billions of Americans were affected, and thousands suffered deaths. This pandemic disaster hit the American economy in the time of Trump.


As everyone knows, Trump favors the flattering policy of the press, proving that he is more administrative than other presidents of the U.S., And he involves Lincoln by saying that no one could be a great leader by wearing a hat. The presidency is a task that is far away from this.

Anyhow, no doubt Lincoln was a distinguished leader of the U.S. who defeated the Civil War. He provided rescue to the nation by following the law. Along with this, he performed a crucial performance in the Thirteenth Amendment. According to it, the official slavery attitude was finished in the U.S.