July 17, 2024
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Top Best Things to Do in Washington This May

things to do in Washington

Spring season is here, which means a cascade of events is on the go. Outdoors in the state of Washington become attractive with greenery. The green belt looks fresh after the defrosting of snow from the mountains. Here’s a list of the best things to do in Washington every May.

The variety of flower beds is eye-catching. Leavenworth is in the heart of the waterfalls in the middle of Seattle and Spokane. Leavenworth weather in May is still chilling in the spring season. Alpine Village organizes many festivals on streets, markets, and bars with different exhibitions. The display of artwork starts in May.

All families and friends come to Washington State to enjoy different occasions.  The entire spring season is held from April to May before the warm summer weather. Online and spring release magazines show events from 1st May to 31st May. Bars in Leavenworth are zealous about dispatching newly made wines. The tasting rooms want tourists to test the wine and beers and enjoy the live music in person.

Unique Things To Do in Washington

From Bellingham to Leavenworth, a tourist (globally) travels by car, bus, train, or air and feels the excitement of colorful occasions. There are many things to do in Washington this May, and these are as follows;

Bars in Leavenworth

Leavenworth is famous for its vineyards and wineries. A Washington person tours different wine bars and sizzles their taste buds with other wines. My favorite place is Baroness Cellars: the charge for six wine tastings is 10 dollars. Similarly, Obelisco Estate- they offer premium wines, and Wine Girl Wines- famous for its good atmosphere and tasty wine; Sigillo Cellars and Archibald James tasting room are the best.

Flower carnival

The spring season is well-known for flower exhibitions. Washington is famous for the Lilac Festival. The Lilac Festival takes place in Spokane in the third week of May. This event empowers youth and honors the military people. It consists of an art display, military torchlight marching, classic car displays, dancing rounds, and floaters by Royal Court ladies, all dressed in shades of purple.

things to do in Washington
Lilac Festival

Map for the festival is given online with timings. Manito Park is a place in Downtown Spokane where plant lovers walk over 100 varieties of Lilac blossoms, take pictures, and make amazing videos with their family members. This year, 16 local breweries and many food trucks are also a part of this festival. Every segment of the festival showcases the culture of this region. May 16-21 is the Lilac Festival week.

Seashore of Peninsula 

A long beach on the peninsula is famous for the running festival for fellows of all ages. The event includes 5 kilometers, 10km, a Marathon, a tour on Bicycles and bikes of the Pacific shore, Sunset sand 5km, and Kids pedaling for one and a half miles.

The event lasts three days and mainly includes weekends so that maximum families visit and participate in various events. Besides running, this place is famous for seafood restaurants and food bars. The best sushi in Pacific Beach is available at Sushi bars, where seafood lovers can eat delicious food at UMI Sushi and Samurai Sushi Bar and Grill.

Festival in Brinnon

Hood Canal spot shrimp and local seafood are a specialty of the Brinnon Shrimp Carnival. Hungry shrimpers visit this Memorial Day and spend their weekend uniquely celebrating shrimp. Like the Lilac Festival, the Shrimp Festival consists of an event list for visitors, such as food booths, beer, wine garden rides, activities, crafts, etc. All age fellows can take part in different activities.

The weather in Brinnon is pretty good, and the tides on the Hood Canal beach are low, so it is best to gather oysters and clams at the festival. This is the best family festival in Washington, continuing all day and evening.

The last weekend of May is specific for this festival. Families enjoy fried shrimp, shrimp curry, clams curry, and shrimp grilled in oyster sauce with pasta; these are spot-on recipes from food vendors. A few delicacies are also available for adults. Families must consent and hunt for Clams from beach sand at the festival. Red shrimps are the most favorite ones at the festival.

Multi-sports race

The best thing for sports fans to do in Washington is to look for a multi-relay race at Bellingham. It’s the best adventure, which includes a relay race of team members. This race covers snow areas, seas, and dry land. Participants can take part in cross-country skiing, Downhill skiing by using a snowboard, downhill running, road biking, two paddlers canoe racing in a deep rock canyon of Nooksack Falls-a challenging track, cycling for 13 miles, one oar Kayaks at Bellingham Bay races 5 miles to Marine Park and move towards the finishing line. A sports lover chooses their team members, 3 to 8, selects their race, and follows the rules.

things to do in Washington
Sports relay race in Washington for sports lovers

The favorite part of this racing is that international athletes and Olympians visit this adventurous spot and participate in different racing events for practice and sheer joy. Spectators (tourists) also cheer up their teams and enjoy watching them race.

Viking festival is celebrated in Poulsbo
Viking festival is celebrated in Poulsbo.

Festival in Poulsbo

Poulsbo is famous for the Viking festival, which is organized for three days straight in May. The event is similar to carnival-style and consists of games, food vendors offering delicious regional recipes, rides, arts & crafts, music, and a doughnut-eating competition. Poulsbo bars also provide the best wines for their visitors. Viking gifts for men are also a part of this fest, where people wear Viking caps (gifts) and attend the whole festival.

Street dance is a fun part of this event where a person dances with her partner, shakes their booty, blows trumpets, and shows their talents. The celebration takes place in honor of Norway’s Constitution Day. Viking Riders Group also tours the road and makes their journey to Peninsula and Poulsbo, so it’s a must-go event for families and friends.