April 18, 2024
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New Year

Burj Khalifa Will Have No fireworks This New Year

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Dubai is lush shine on every 31st December. It seems fireworks everywhere but at this New Year eve, there will no fireworks at Khalifa Burj, the officials reported.

Globally familiar place, Dubai, attracts visitors from around the world but this time they will get a different light show. Downtown Dubai sees large than 1.5 people at every New Year Eve but this time plan is unusual for the celebrations.

Everyone set their way to Dubai Burj Khalifa to experience a different style. It is the usual fireworks every year which will not happen this time. One can say, ‘why this is not happening now’?

New Experience at This New Year Eve

The unique light show this year is by the master developer Emaar, the organizer and operator of Dubai Mall as well as Burj Khalifa. According to a video on Facebook, Emaar stated that get ready to experience a new #LightUp2018 in Khalifa Burj DownTown Dubai.

The complete glow will be in the fascinating neon blue lights. This would be the bye to #old and welcome to #NewYear. This picture reflects the glowing streaks of amazing lights in blue color on the Facebook page of Burj Khalifa.

Neon Lights on New Year Celebration at Burj Khalifa
Neon Lights on New Year Celebration at Burj Khalifa

Whole UAE captures the attention of the world at New Year Eve to show its conspicuous fireworks. This time no fireworks is an astonishing news for its lovers, but Emaar will never let public confuse of this but the innovative light ways this New Year Eve will be tremendous.

The upcoming celebration will be memorable yet distinguished and provide new characteristics. Why not join when there is going to be a global spotlight at Dubai?

Finding out new neon lights will be an exciting experience this New Year. Celebrations would be quite fascinating that will satisfy public who are questioning about no fireworks this New Year Eve at Burj Khalifa.