June 20, 2024
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Keeffe’s Evening Star and the Painting Elements


An American artist Georgia O’Keeffe floated the painting about evening star. Her era is from 1887-1986, and she is the famous artist of the 20th century. The masterpiece is best known for the color combination, blazing, presentation and aesthetics.

Her renowned work is watercolor painting and oil paints. The performance of colors in the art is knowledgeable and float a concept of learning. For children, such portrayals are inspirational source because the use of similar colors helps them to distinguish between mixing patterns. This article is about Keeffe’s Evening Star and its significance.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Evening Star VI from 1917 is a presentation of art colors from the concept of a fulfillment of artistic touch beautifully and by filling the space. The abstract style is evident in the form of watercolors on paper. The art has its roots in the nineteenth and twentieth century and now a repository of Georgia O’Keeffe Museum.

This is the online collection of museum art, and it is different from the Thomas Cole’s The Ox-Bow of 1836. In former, the color, style and texture s of unusual nature while the abstract presented seems to act as a model and with a similar choice prevailed by that period. Keeffe’s Evening Star provided museum a stylized touch of art and color combination.

keefe evening star

The Color Presentation

Keeffe’s Evening Star inspired by the societal trends and the feelings she felt because in her twenties she felt like the romantic aspects and social activities by her friends and she portrayed them. In comparison, Oxbow is apparent by Thomas Cole and a representation of a river valley in a romantic framework. It is different from the evening star because it highlights the elements of civilization and wilderness.

Evening star employs different elements and these elements add features to the painting. Keeffe’s Evening star with the help of landscape abstractions is not an effort towards realism, but the use of colors mean to create a mood expression.

In the Oxbow, oil paint on the canvas while Evening star is a unique creation by own colors of O’Keefe. To see the painting, sudden impact comes about its fading soon, but this does not hold true in the case of a museum. On the other hand, the Oxbow is present with rugged cliffs, show violent clouds of rain and peaceful landscape. Connecticut River with the help of forest presentation seemed beautiful, and both paintings point a serenity and peace in the mood.

Keeffe’s Evening Star is the true depiction of rainbow colors that attracts children while painting and help them focus on color balance.