June 13, 2024
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Communication Through Touch and Psychology

touch through communication

The unique communication style is the Power of touch. Touching is the particular kind of communication that has a direct link with the senses of the individuals. It is a most beautiful kind of connection. For instance, when an infant takes his first breath and when he is touched he stares picking up the different types of information through this communications and sends them to the brain. The beautifulness of this disclosure is apparent by the emotional attachments.

touch through communication
Touch Through Communication

Through the research, it is clear that the power of touch is the most effective type of communication that is silent and non-verbal but it makes a link between the individuals and their emotional feelings. On the other hand, there are some of the negative aspects of this communication. As the power of touch is a non-verbal communication, it cannot be helpful in adequately conveying a message. Sometimes the message expressed by communication language and cannot be conveyed without words. Therefore, this may be the negative aspect of the communicating through touch.

In this respect, evaluating the power of touch communication consist of its effects on the emotional and sensitive behavior of the people. The researchers have analyzed that there is a different kind of complex emotions and the desires that our actions and the expressions reveal.

, emotionsCommunication Through Touch is a Positive Signal

According to the studies, it is clear that every individual has an innate ability to decode feelings through touch and deliver the message to the other person. The researchers also identified that these communications are not possible to provide to the strangers because we do not know them and have no personal and emotional attachments with them.

Therefore, we cannot deliver the message to the strangers by a single touch. This is due to the reason; when a person touches another person, the individual can send and receive emotional signals to the others. But if we are reaching a stranger then the message will not deliver to that person. In this respect, a study in 2012 by a team of FMRI identified the effects of touch on the brain of the individuals. The results of the study showed with the smoothness and pressure of the touch on the mind of the individuals.

positive communication through touch
Multiple Communication Channels

In addition to this, the study concluded that when an individual is being touched by the other person, the brain of the individual is not set up in the way to give the objective qualities of that touch. This is only dependent on the experience of the individual on their social evaluations of the person that is touching him.

For example, if a husband is touching his wife or a mother is touching her infant baby, the messages of the touching will be communicated to the other individual instantly because of the emotional attachments. Thus, the psychology has the significant role in the communication between individual through touching power.

Touch Language

If touching would be language than the individual will instantly know how to use it. But it is merely a way of communicating through emotions and consists of a skill of delivering a message. In general face and voice communication, the individuals can only identify only just one or two positive communications signals that are not confusing with each other.

For Example, by the voice communication the joy has the only positive emotion communicated to the other individual in the through the voice or verbal communication. In this respect, the research shows that the communication through touch can send multiple positive communications between the individual at the same time.

Touch Language & Communication
Touch Language & Communication

The examples of the multiple communications through touching consist of the live, gratitude, joy respect and the sympathy. Therefore, the communication through touch is significant. Previously the scientist used to believe that the touching was merely a way of enhancing the power of communication signals through sending a single message of emotions, but now their thinking changed, and the sending of multiple messages through the touch communications can make as their basis of the studies.

Additionally, the power of touch is apparent by increasing the speed of communication. The studies reveal that if a person is close enough to touch, then he can send large signals to the person in lesser time.

Learning The Language Of Touch

An individual learns the language of touch even when he is born. The individual starts receiving the tactile signals as the vibration of a mother’s heartbeat. This is the basis when an individual learns the first time the communication through touch.

Therefore, the power of touch plays a vital role in the child-parent relationship from the start of a new life. Also, when the person grows up, he learns to feel touch singles such as hot and cold signals and learns the touching language. Moreover, when a friend touches you, or a husband touches a wife, the variables of the emotional cues are different for each other and are dependent on the level of the emotional attachments between the individuals.

Conclusively the psychology and the communication through touch have a healthy relationship with each other. It is mostly dependent on the level of emotional ties and transferring of signals. The closer the link, the faster the communication signals will be.