Le Grand Voyage and the Spirituality

In the movie, ‘le grand voyage’, the relationship of the father and son characterizing a perspective of attaining pilgrimage. Father is so inclined towards Islamic practices that he fosters his son to drive him to the holy place. There is the clear non-commitment as appeared from the son since he was not willing to go with a father.


The Spiritual Journey

The whole journey was flare up, and son got in furious due to the confronted hurdles of the trip. Pilgrim is the primary step of Muslims identity, and through the devotion and belief, many Muslims of the world perform it. However, when son saw the thousands of people with the same faith as his father, he got overwhelmed, and this was necessary to change his thoughts.

The Spiritual Obligations

The father in the le grand voyage is habitual to practice Islam in the form of different obligations and practices. It is an extraordinary film in which the son lives in the south of France and drives across seven states to reach Mecca.

Many obstacles they came across along their way are a test that how man pass through and devout him as faith and struggle. Father practices religion in a comprehending manner that his son does not have even a clue about that why is this battle for, while he practices a full faith.

Le Grand Voyage

Le Grand Voyage-The Spiritual Journey

Le grand voyage depicts lack of understanding in the son and father communication, values and belief because they live in a different place and never had intimacy regarding beliefs and faith.

Along the voyage, there are many obstacles, unpleasant experience, many different people and father’s punctuality of offering prayers these entire made son in furious. In the end, he felt him the outsider when they arrived at Macca and found all the people providing same practice as his father.

He saw them as involved in a spiritual adventure and felt overwhelmed.

The impact of Hajj on Reda was immense. He found thousands of people doing the same practice as his father does. This has overcome Reda being different from them and the practicing Muslims.

He was different from them in his approach and all the beliefs and values. This made him think that how spiritual practices make them modified internally. It is also important to say that he would not leave without any feeling of religion because he felt overwhelmed by these religious activities.

The le grand voyage sheds light on the Muslim piety and explains the nature of Muslims being kind.

Bottom Line:

With a secular and western context, it becomes impossible and quite hard to maintain the Muslim identity. It is to make them believe and understand the Islamic concepts and identity that how beliefs and values makes humanity foundations while the western approach is different.

To convey the real picture of Islam, difficulties often arise because secular people usually do not believe in values and beliefs and Islamic practices. People who believe and those who do not believe got separate. This culture tends to be varying in different regions.

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