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Top 10 Places in Iran That You Must Visit

places famous in Iran

Top 10 Places in Iran That You Must Visit

Iran is the heart of civilization, heritage, architecture, and culture from a long time. The early Persia was one of the most significant realms of ancient history. It starts from Indian borders to the Middle East and from Anatolia to North Africa. Iran proffers spectacular natural sites, history, landscapes, and architectures. Here we are presenting you ten most large cities, towns and paramount places to visit in Iran:



The capital city of Iran is must visit in the first place, located in the neighboring to the ancient town of Rayy. Tehran is big, a great city of substantial concrete structures and traffic, surrounded by stunning snow-capped Alborz Mountains, which offer excellent attractions for hiking and skiing. The closeness of the mountains with the city provides the great opportunities to lay aside the anarchy and busy life of the city to freshen our selves while catching the sceneries of beautiful snowy peaks of Alborz.

With the population of nearly 11 million and a hub of country’s economic and political activities, Tehran has many recreational places such as Park e Mellat, Park e Shaher and Park e Jamshidieh. There are two famous palaces in Tehran of Niavaran and Golestan. In other renowned sites, Tehran has Zoological Garden, Malik National Museum, and the famous Azadi Tower. It also includes the well known historical Grand Bazaar of Tehran and Imamzadeh Saleh Shrine.



Esfahan is the huge city and province of Iran. It is amongst the most significant and historical cities of Iran and situated about 420 KM of Tehran. It has a population as of 2004 of 1.4 million and the 3rd major cities of Iran. Esfahan has some historical places, some palaces of Safavid Empire, as well as beautiful mosques and squares.

These marvelous structures of Persian and Islamic architecture include; the Shah Mosque, Khaju Bridge, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, the Jameh Mosque of Esfahan, Chehel Sotoun, Naqsh e Jahan square, Hasht Behesht, Ali Gholi Agha Hammam and Si-o-She pol. Moreover, there is some non-Islamic architecture also found in Esfahan like Fire Temple of Esfahan and Vank Cathedral.



The city of philosophers, poets and religious reformers is present in the historical province of Faras, it is also the home to the Arg-e-Karim, the castle of Karim Khan, in addition to the burial place of renowned Persian poets Saadi and Hafiz. It is  closer to the prehistoric city if Persepolis and easy to visit through bus from Shiraz. Persepolis was the capital city of Xerxes and Darius emperors from almost 550 BC, there are sphinxes, great towering columns and incredible stairways, which represent different inhabitants of Persian Empire.

Karim Khan, the Persian King, made Shiraz his capital city in 1766 CE until in 1791 CE the city came under Qajar Dynasty. The city has numerous wonderful locations to visit, such as the Vakil Mosque, Nasir ul Mulk mosque, the Vakik Bazaar, Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine, Afif-Abad Garden, Eram Garden, Qavam House, the Bagh-e-Jahan Nama, Pars Museum and the Quraan Gate.

shiraz is a city in Iran


On the shores of Caspian Sea, in the flourishing green province of Mazandaran is present. Sari is not so famous city of the world out of Iran and is the capital city of Mazandaran. it is present between Caspian coast and Alborz Mountains and famous for its natural attractions, orange orchards and the Natural Springs called Badab-e Surt.

There are also other attractions including historical tombs and the famous Clock Tower in Meidān-e-Sā‘at (Clock square), whereas it is not a famous city, but it is a good facilitator in visiting its adjoining areas and cities of the province of Mazandaran, like Babol (previously known as Bārforoush) the city of orange blossoms, Amol and Nur situated on the Caspian coast. It is the place worth visiting for its pleasant environment and green landscape.


Yazd is a pre-historic desert city present in the heart of Iran. It is different in environment and geography from the cities discussed above. It’s famous name is the “City of Wind Towers,”.

yazd is a city of Iran

Yazd is popular for its silk weaving, distinctive architecture, and traditional brocade. Yazd is present on the southeast side of Esfahan province about 270 KMs.

Located between the two deserts, i.e., Kavīr-e-Lūt and Dasht-e-Kavīr that makes it a hot and dry city. It has many worth visiting places including the Jameh Mosque, the Bagh-e-Sayyad Rokandin, Bagh-e-Dolatabad, Alexander’s Prison, the Amit Chakmaq Complex, Khan-e-Lari, the Atish-kadah (Fire temple of Zoroastrian times) and the Dakhmeh-ye-Zartosh (ancient Zoroastrian ‘Tower of Silence”).



It is famous as ‘City of Compassion’ situated on the North Western side of Iran called as East Azerbaijan Province, although Azerbaijan is also a separate country, and they both share the same border. Tabriz has unique importance as one of the most historic cities in Iran.

The city has a variety of historical and marvelous sites that include the ruins of the 700 years old university Rab-e-Rashidi and Blue mosque of Tabriz. Other famous sites to visit are the Constitution House, Tabriz Bazar, the Anglican Church, the Arg-e-Tabriz, and the Quran Museum. Tabriz has a unique importance in Iran as it has the first fire station, first post office, and first public library in the history of the country. Rummy and Shamas-e-Tabrizi are the world famous poets who came from the city of Tabriz.



Kandovan, located about 50 km south of Tabriz in East Azerbaijan Province, and is more likely a village than a city of concrete and iron, but it is famous due to its unusual stone structures. The beautiful homes of the Kandovan designed within the rocks of a hill including some houses merely 700 years old and are still in good condition and are in use as homes by the locals.

Some these prehistoric homes appear pretty with fabrics and carpets and to give them contemporary appearance they have been whitewashed. These houses help some 170 families of the communities.



Located in South Eastern region of Iran and South West of Kavir-e-Lut desert, Kerman is a desert city. It is a trading hub of the area, Kerman city is the capital of Province of Kerman. Bordering with the desert Kerman is an arid and semi-arid city. The heart of the city made up of mud bricks seems magnificent beside the famous ancient bazaar. Kerman city is a mixture of different civilizations including the Balouchs from the eastern side. Main attractions of the city are the Ganjali Khan Bathhouse, Shah Naimatullah Wali Tomb, the Arg-e-baam and the Shazdeh Garden.



In the Shiah Islamic world, Qom is a religious center, famous for historical significance, as it is the Fatima Masuma’s burial place (sister of Imam Ali Raza). The tomb is beautiful and has with a gold dome and thousands of pilgrims visit that place annually. The city Qom is in North Central area of Iran near the Rud e Qom bank (river) and a dessert which is 174 KM of Tehran south Dasht-e-Kavir (salt desert).

This is a significant site of pilgrimage, and this city is also of central importance in the Islamic revolution in 1979 when Ayatollah Khomeini went there. 400 saints and ten kings buried there, that made a great deal to visit that place.

Mashhad Iran
Mashhad Iran


The last one is Mashhad; it is a holy city among all, as believed by the Shiah Muslims. This also is the burial place for Imam Raza shrine. In the North Eastern Iran, Khorasan-e-Razavi province is present which centers in Kashaf River Valley. Mashhad is the second number in Iran with respect to population, after Tehran.

There are many religious buildings in this area, it is circular, and some avenues extend out of it to the 12 neighborhoods. Mashhad, being the holy city, as there is the shrine of Imam Raza, about 1.5 M visitors comes to visit annually, of which 23% are from Iraq.  Many other sites are there to visit that place, such as Mehdi Gholibek Hamam, Bazar-e-Raza, and Nadar Shah Mausoleum.