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Crafting the Charity Christmas Cards

Modern Merry Christmas Card

The season arrives with frosty weather, bustling shops showcasing vibrant cards, from picturesque landscapes to playful animal designs, brimming with heartfelt messages and festive humor. Charity Christmas cards stand at the forefront of this seasonal tradition, contributing immensely to both cheer and fundraising.

For instance, Cards for Good Causes, over the last decade alone, raised an impressive £40 million, a testament to the immense popularity of these charitable tokens.

A Glimpse into the Past

The roots of the modern-day Christmas card trace back centuries. The first recorded ‘Christmas letter’ dates to 1534, with a resemblance to today’s cards emerging in 1611, presenting an ornate manuscript to King James I, adorned with poems and songs, surpassing the content of contemporary cards.

Crafting the Perfect Card: A Step-by-Step Guide

When to Start Planning:

The ideal timeline varies based on your charity’s size and distribution goals. For extensive distributions with various designs, early-year planning (possibly starting in January) is recommended. Smaller charities, particularly if outsourcing, may require a month in advance. Commence earlier to avoid the Christmas rush.

Popular Card Types:

From heartwarming scenes to whimsical designs, popular cards include picturesque landscapes, wildlife motifs (such as robins and hares), and religious themes like nativity scenes. Local scenes reflecting community landmarks also captivate buyers.

Season Kick-off and Promotion:

The season typically starts as the festive fervor ignites, usually around late October or early November. Optimal promotion timing balances early visibility to tap into the holiday spirit while avoiding the Christmas rush for smoother distribution.

Designing Your Vision:

Tailor the design to amplify your charity’s mission, considering trends like animals, local scenes, religious motifs, community involvement, or innovative designs. Animals and local scenes continue to be perennial favorites among buyers.

Outsourcing Options:

Businesses can assist in design creation, offering template designs or bespoke options. However, weighing authenticity versus cost is essential.

Production Process:

Depending on resources, either craft the cards manually or outsource the printing and creation.

Trends in Charity Christmas Cards

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Emphasizing recycled paper, soy-based inks, or cards that can be planted to grow flowers or herbs.

Personalized Designs:

Cards that align with the charity’s cause, showcasing unique designs or stories that resonate with donors.

Religious Charity Christmas Cards
Charity Christmas Cards

Digital or E-Cards:

Growing popularity due to their speed, ease of delivery, and reduced environmental footprint.

Local and Handmade Cards:

Often appreciated for their personal touch and support of local artisans or artists.

Charity Collaborations:

Collaborations between charities and well-known artists or designers for special card collections

These trends reflect a growing consciousness about sustainability, personalization, and digital convenience in the context of charitable giving during the holiday season.

What to Focus on Charity Christmas cards:

“Christmas, a joyous occasion, witnesses the exchange of heartfelt greetings via cards, a tradition that dates back to Sir Henry Cole’s 1843 invention, promoting postal service. Today, technology offers e-cards and printable options as alternatives, yet traditional cards prevail.

Personal Touch:

Personalized cards, adorned with your unique designs and favorite photographs, convey deeper sentiments, adding value beyond mass-produced greetings.

Sustainable Gestures:

Embrace sustainable options like recycled paper or cards donating a portion to charities, reflecting growing environmental and social consciousness.

Embracing Blue:

While classic red, green, and gold endure, the trend for 2019 leans towards elegant blues—midnight hues, cobalts, and aquamarines—embracing traditional Christmas elements with a modern twist.

Luxurious Accents:

Metallic foiling and intricate embossing add opulence to card designs, elevating them into treasured keepsakes. Quality paper and adorned envelopes elevate their allure.

Quirky Charm:

Cards with humor or adorable illustrations brighten the season, breaking from tradition and bringing smiles to loved ones’ faces.”

Well Known Organisations for Charity Christmas Cards

Cards for Good Causes:

This organization represents multiple charities and sells Christmas cards through pop-up shops across the UK. Charities like Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, and others benefit from the sales.


UNICEF has been known for its charity Christmas cards, often featuring designs created by children. Proceeds from these cards contribute to UNICEF’s global initiatives for children’s well-being.


Oxfam offers a range of charity Christmas cards, and the funds raised contribute to their various programs aimed at alleviating poverty and supporting communities around the world.

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Macmillan Cancer Support:

Macmillan provides Christmas cards, and the proceeds go towards supporting individuals and families affected by cancer.

Royal British Legion:

Known for its poppy-themed designs, the Royal British Legion’s Christmas cards contribute to their work supporting the Armed Forces community.

Selling Strategies

In-Person Sales: Approach local shops, pubs, and gift stores to widen the card’s local reach.

Online Presence: Establish an e-commerce platform on your website for seamless transactions and leverage social media and email marketing for visibility.

Timing and Promotion: Commence card sales as the holiday season nears. Promote cards early enough to capitalize on the festive spirit but avoid the Christmas rush for smoother distribution.

Charity E-Cards: These digital alternatives offer personalization, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. The rising trend of e-cards has doubled year-on-year, attracting numerous charities due to their ease of distribution and customization options.

  1. Instant Delivery: E-cards reach recipients instantly, perfect for last-minute greetings or connecting across distances.
  2. Personalization: They allow for personal touches like custom messages, embedded media, and even interactive elements, adding a unique touch to each card.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: E-cards significantly reduce paper waste and carbon footprints associated with traditional printing and delivery methods, making them an eco-conscious choice.
  4. Cost-Effective: They are often more economical than printed cards, freeing up more funds for charitable causes.
  5. Donations and Charitable Support: Some platforms offer charity e-cards where a portion of the purchase goes directly to charitable organizations, aligning with the spirit of giving during the holiday season.
  6. Versatility: E-cards can cater to diverse tastes, featuring a wide array of designs, animations, and customization options to suit various preferences.
  7. Ease of Sending: With just a few clicks, senders can distribute these cards to multiple recipients simultaneously, streamlining the process.

Post-Christmas Evaluation

Reflect on the entire process, learning from challenges, and pinpointing areas for improvement. Streamline future endeavors, ensuring each year’s Christmas cards outshine the last, contributing joy and fundraising success.

Unravel the magic of charity Christmas cards, creating cherished memories while making a difference!

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