April 19, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Cultural Oppression Impacting Blacks

cultural racism for blacks is oppression

Black lives are also humans. Cultural attitudes are different for white and black races. Cultural oppression in the black community is widespread.

Various scholars have elaborated the kinds of oppression that are running through the society because white is believed to be superior to black.

The black body is subhuman so do not deserve human rights, a philosophy by whites.

Light skin and dark skin slaves are assigned different chores, for instance, bright naïve Americans got the allotment of indoor work while dark-skinned blacks are allotted grueling tasks. In the case of gender, race, and class, activists highlight a term, ‘oppression’ that affects the different functioning of black adults.

It damages self-respect, self-esteem, creates pessimism and division.

Cultural Oppression

The cultural oppression in perceived form has negative impacts on blacks since they have to face it through early childhood to adulthood and adolescents.

However, such internal oppression has been looked in the form of humor, the reflection of strength and defense.

Black kids are invalidated with fault findings, fierce criticism and intend to straight out them.

This situation leads to perception: are blacks confined to face this attitude or are they born to face humiliation so, in adulthood; a narrow or limited behavior develops.

In the collective mind of the black generation, it is fitted that white is superior to black. This perception has been built since decades and had initiated cultural oppression.

The concept of self-identification is lost in black adults due to the adverse impact of oppression, racism, and degradation.

Black identity, now, begins with self-hatred and these black kids only have a choice to play either with a white doll or black doll. The manipulation of mind, attitude and perception are perceived oppression, which has been built intentionally.