July 17, 2024
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Love Is All Around When You Feel

Love is all around

Love Is All Around is written by ‘Reg Presley’. He is a famous songwriter that has expressed love and feelings.  A songwriter is in love with someone; it is evident from the lyrics of this song. Songwriter says that he feels his loved one in his fingers and toes.

All the day, he feels the love in the air, and as the time passes, this feeling becomes stronger. Wherever writer goes, love feelings are with him. He never feels alone because there is a strong feeling of missing.

Songwriter elaborates that as the love feelings are always with him, his mind never feels empty. By the line, “as I lay on my bed, I see your face” it is clear that songwriter strongly loves someone. He depicts that he cannot get to think any other thing but always think of his loved one.

Feel The Love

He says that he will always like his love and cannot live without her; no matter it is day or night, but his feelings are still ahead of him. It is a best selling by songwriter in UK.

The love feelings are intensive for lover. From the lyrics, it is clear that writer cannot take his mind off of his lover and always think of the lighter aspect.

The lines from the song, “I need someone besides me in everything” represent the strong feeling of writer and that he is in love. He elaborates that there is no beginning and no end of such feelings because where he goes; these feelings are always with him.

The expression of light sentiments by the writer shows that how much strong affection he has for whom he has written this poem.  “You gave your promise to me” is the strong indication that he keeps on waiting for his lover and thinks on the light note that everything in the air and wind is soaked in love.