May 18, 2024
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Do We Have Free Will?

Do We Have Free Will?

Free will is merely an illusion. Individuals say that they have a it, is this true or not, it is a long debate. Everyone has the moral responsibility for their doings, even if they have a free choice. To consider the deterministic route, compatibility is essential.

If an individual has free will, he can make decisions freely and can choose whatever he/she wants. Being capable of making good and bad decisions coins for free will but this free consent again depends on several arguments.

Free will idea imposes specific questions on moral responsibility, political choice, and self-governance. Freedom aspect is always central when the concept of free desire arises. Under the high attainments of satisfaction, one can do whatever he/she thinks better or right.

Free Choices

In the functional aspect, the idea of free will is not much more straightforward as it appears because everyone is bound to act or show different behavior.

Society is vital to make us choose free choice. The agent of society makes a decision and distinguishes about selected options. Free choices comes with a reason, if a person says, he is making the free will, have liberty and choice of saying whatever he wants to, and there must be some reason behind it that will compel him to do this.

Human beings consider them individual so make free choices and adopt free will concept.

However, this case is not so right because everyone is dependent on social norms and values. The actions are determined by past feelings, motivations, and desires. Feeling free or having freedom is different. Human conduct has enough room to say; it’s free.

The only difference in making free choices and having this idea is the concept of understanding.