Early Childhood Education Models

Early childhood education programs such as Montessori, High Scope, Reggio Emilia and Head Start are designed to drive better childhood philosophies. These teaching approaches are based on different knowledge-based theories that are compatible with the children learning environment.

Early childhood education model is developed to maintain children requirements for learning. In case of the Montessori educational model, the situation is prepared as an object to specify kids need.

The teacher works to provide an environment to a kid that connect him with the required materials. The curriculum in Montessori education model is to create a sensory learning belief, and learning is aided by sensing, tasting, smelling rather than only listening.

On the other hand, high scope approach is a constructive theory that encourages children to be active to gain experience in the classroom. It is about the sharing of thinking that kids get from the environment.

From the social interactions, classroom community is involved in work to facilitate them in problem solutions.

Constructive Theory of Learning

Constructive theory of learning is presented in the model that helps students build an approach to education. It is helpful to gain active involvement with different events, materials, charts, and people.

Reggio Emilia approach provides greater details than high scope early childhood education model. It offers different development aspects of children concerning environment.

Montessori Education Model

It is a sophisticated approach that provides a different culture as compared to Montessori and high scope. Through collaboration and cooperation, social learning is enhanced.

In a video, it is depicted how students are engaged in different learning practices, and they learn and get new inspirations. Co-construction is a concept that is taught under Reggio Emilia. Kids are provided with a trust concept in a collaborative manner that helps them build their thoughts and get new insights.

In early childhood education model, important features are the provision of long-term projects, a portfolio of kids, organized system of flowcharts and active learning development. This way helps those getting better practices for learning and developing new concepts.

Reggio Emilia and Montessori have same environment for kids because the environmental set up works as the third teacher.

Head Start Educational Model

Head start educational model is based on the provision of educational facilities that help the kid develop their stamina to face the difficult situation. This early childhood education is a practical approach for student that study effective development of a child.

In a video, it is presented that kids acquire the deeper understanding of different projects though thinking and critical learning. This comprehensive childhood education is designed to develop the stable relationship, develop cognitive skills and enhance students emotional and physical well being.

These features make the program useful and work for all kind of students. The established environment for kids is perfect to do certain things, develop their learning power and create unique approach of doing practical work.

After reviewing different models, the best one found out is the Montessori educational model. The main reason for this model is the link that is created between student and school.

This program caters to the every age group kid and in this way they can help each other to enhance learning.

Learning by doing is the only concept presented in this kind of education model. Children get lessons by practicing on material provided to him and demonstrate what he wants to do.


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