Eugenie Grandet and the Expression of Love

Eugenie Grandet

Eugenie Grandet

In the family and story of ‘Eugenie Grandet,’ changing power of ‘love’ is visible. People foresee that love can transform their lives in a pleasant state, but it is not true always.

The changed behavior of a person due to desire can be easily experienced by other persons closed to him. The apparent changes in the love of Eugenie are easy to observe in her personality, in Nanon, who is the housekeeper and also in the other people.

Eugenie Grandet & Love

The claim that love builds itself up consists of the notion that of feeling and emotions that attracts the individual. Love builds up through presupposing the love in the heart of other people because individuals cannot teach the other individual on the ground of buildup.

Scholars emphasizes that only through acknowledging the love in the heart of another individual, can one individual build up his own heart with love. This is the foundation that exists spiritually. Such love comes from the real sense of belonging and recognizing the other individual, his actions, and intentions true heartedly.

Eugenie Grandet was a simple girl who is not conscious about her looks, but when she felt the love of Charles, her cousin, she started seeing herself by other’s vision and judged her as she was someone else or like the eyes of her lover.

Nanon wants to buy some food for Charles and went to get some money from the father of Eugenie, who is a wiser person. Nanon never disagrees with the father of Eugenie by what he used to do, but with the advent of Charles, she wants to please him and Eugenie, so argue with her father. This is the expression of her mind and thoughts that now she hides from Eugenie and her father.

Nanon and Eugenie Grandet showed transformation with the influence of love. Now, they have become more introvert, no more simple women who cannot hide emotions and thoughts upon a particular event. Their mode of change is of deterministic nature that is likely to lie to cover their feelings.

The way story predicts love expression through Eugenie Grandet is impressive and creates inspiration for its readers.


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