September 24, 2023
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Global Health Issues to Watch

Global Health Issues

Emerging global health issues appear bad news to watch. Though it is true but the tackling problem needs more attention. The healthcare sector seeks potential solutions for epidemiological diseases while doing efficient research.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) worked for healthcare and aimed at the provision of healthcare information and technology that can offer the solution to the regional healthcare centers, and community hospitals.

One of the global health issues is dengue epidemiology. Four closely related viruses cause dengue fever. Mosquitoes are the primary source of infection.

Dengue is causing the infection that can be prevented on the basis on an immune system. In 1960, it was presented that dengue can occur by four types of viruses and the antibodies can avoid one type of infection.

Dengue virus infects 50-100 million persons every year, and according to the estimation of WHO, most of the cases are not reported. The leading symptoms of dengue are fever, flu, muscular pain, and others.        

Internal bleeding may occur in severe cases and which can create organ failure or respiratory distress. Antibodies present in the human body can work against the body itself and can make the disease even worse. Kids, with the low level of immunity, are likely to get the dengue disease quicker and affected in the age of 2-14.

It is emerging day by day, and about 2.5% people of the whole population live at the risk of transmission of dengue. In the 100 countries of Asia, America, Caribbean, and Africa, dengue is endemic.

According to the estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO), on an annual basis, 50-100 million infections reported, most of them are children, of which, 22,000 deaths occur. Central authorities are regulating, monitoring, reforming and controlling such information and approving true aspects that can help people.

The role of CDC is helpful and supportive in getting stuffiest processes of healthcare and offer advantages to people. 

The rural programs adhere to provide health care and sufficient information about health programs to the rural community. It makes physicians focus on the patient treatments instead of concentrating on the administrating work.

The focus on global health issues is essential to fight against inequality and poverty.

It also needs sparks of innovation in less developed countries that can make the masses happy.  Global health is important to consider the public security.

According to the report of the Institute of medicine, the global capacity should be enhanced to prevent the threat of infectious diseases. This is imperative to promote a comprehensive, real-time and global surveillance system.

The global health issues need an increased potential scope that could assess the serious threats to public health.

Understanding global health issues is central to promote awareness, raise voice and share information about known diseases. This will prevent the vulnerability of poor people and minimize the spread of disease.