April 24, 2024
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Politics and Ethics Relationship

politics and ethics

In our lives, some ethical standards bind us. These standards are built in due to our environment and our society. These standards define how we should act daily and make crucial decisions.

We believe in what we do because we think that our choices are the best possible decisions we can make and decide to stick with them.

Sometimes, our choices and actions slightly violate the usual ethical standards, but we keep following them because we believe in our intelligence and ability to think. This helps us to trust and consider our actions. Here, the role of politics and ethics is given in light of some righteous principles.

Politics and Ethics

Social media has been playing an integral role in politics. In many research articles, opinions about social media implications have been provided.

The main aim of such papers is to demonstrate the positive or negative views about political personalities and link them to the elections. Boynton and Yang, in writing, provided the perceptions about the personalities of presidential candidates on Twitter.

In another research article by the Pew Research Center, educated people were selected to demonstrate their vote choice in 2012.

By educational attainment, the preference of the presidential candidate has been shown. Ethical dilemmas are part of our daily lives. We all have to face ethical dilemmas at some points of growth. It is a situational conflict about what to do and what decision to make.

Personality Traits

Their personality traits access the difference in choice of leaders. Articles have shown different views; for instance, highly educated students are inclined towards liberal attitudes, but students without a college degree prefer the Democratic Party.

In their article, Boynton employed a personality trait test approach that describes three flavors, i.e., spontaneous, robust, and cheerful.


They used factor analysis to group the adjectives, and a single trait defines more than one dimension. The Tweet collection method provided the outcome of using keywords, i.e., Obama and Romney. It provides a way of the relationship between politics and ethics.

In the Pew Research Center, the opinion of college graduates is employed to understand which politician is popular among the public.

Ethical standards and core values help to decide what to do in the case of a moral dilemma. Others may challenge the decision, but the rightness or wrongness of the decision cannot be found now.

Four Elements of Biblical Scripture

The four elements of biblical scripture include prudence, temperance, courage, and justice. These factors help us to decide what is right and what is wrong. Prudence helps to make the right decisions at the right time. Temperance helps to control temperament and increase self-control.

Courage helps to face fears and intimidation, and justice helps to take the path of righteousness and fairness. It develops the sense of right or wrong using these four elements of biblical scripture. If all these factors support an action, then everyone is doing right. Otherwise, things go wrong.

There is a difference in educated opinion and party selection. When some candidates represent themselves on Twitter, people formulate their opinions regarding the politician’s personality. This reflects their choice based on education and defines their voting perspective.

It is real anticipation to select the tweets and transform an asserted opinion on its basis. Personality provides the foundation for political advertisement. Understanding tweets and perceptions is parallel to understanding personality traits. Politics and ethics, in this way, provide multifaceted frameworks.

Role of the Bible

The Bible is a complete code of conduct of daily life. It defines how we should act in our everyday lives and molds our actions so they cannot harm others.

It represents a complete code of life that helps us in our day-to-day actions. If I am acting according to the rules of the bible and everyone else around me is happy with that, then I am doing right.

If anyone is disturbed due to my actions, then I am doing something wrong. The Bible spreads the message of happiness and peace. Negative behavior at the workplace is a part of daily life.

These adverse actions in the workplace should be avoided to remain ethical in the workplace. Some of them at the workplace include wasting the company’s time, abusive behavior, lying to employees, employee theft, and violating internet policies.

These ethical misconducts should be avoided as much as possible; otherwise, these actions can disturb the workplace, consequently affecting the employees. Politics and ethics are either positively or negatively related.